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7-Day FFWPU Philippine Convention Held In Tanay

Paul Uba
June 1, 2007

Tanay, Rizal - The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Philippines conducted a week-long national convention last March 26- June 1, 2007 in the newly re-named ICEF Training Center owned by the HSA-UWC Philippines.

The convention registered almost 500 participants nationwide. Many guests came like Gen. Clayton and his wife, Gen. Magno and his wife, who gave their testimonies on their recent participation in a seminar held in Thailand.

Another VIP guest in the person of Hon. Mayor Gonzalo Velez, deputy mayor of West Orange, New Jersey who was invited by Rev. and Mrs Kim to Thailand for the International Cultural and Educational Foundation seminar. He expressed his total support to the ICEF programs.

Four sisters also from Taiwan came to visit and observe the convention and on how we have been doing in the Philippine Providence. They are actually wives of Taiwan leaders including Tita Lily Chen.

Other highlights of the convention was the strengthening of a Hoon Dok Hae as a very important aspect for a fulltime life and establishing HDK families, standardization of lectures, and the categorization of lecturers. National lecturers are now called and titled as Lecture Generals. They are those who could lecture the UT, CAUSA and DP).

Eleven, were named as Lecture Generals among the national lecturers including Rev. Michel G. Zablan, Prof Federico " kuya eric" Niduasa, Mr. Edgar Tanate, Atty. Celso Talaba, Ph.D., Rev. Jimmy Vergara, Mrs. Ann Montejo-Arevallo, Mr. Edmund Pacson, Dr. Venus Agustin, Rev. Joshua Josol, Bishop Ely Soria, Rev. Celestino Joseph Navalta and Engr. Julius Malicdem.

Those who could give 7-day-seminar-lectures are given the title as Lecture Directors, and this includes the executive directors, all regional leaders and some older members. Center leaders are titled Lecture Captains, including those who could give 2-day-seminar-lectures. The others are junior lecturers.

Anther important agenda in the convention was the preparation for the 2-million rally next year. NL Michael Zablan created some particular programs to address the different sectors of the preparation, mostly of the regional leaders worked under the Solid Grassroots Movement. Other programs include, Educational Program, Advocacy Program, Power house of synergized UPF organizations, and Network of new organizations.

Financial resources is one of the biggest problems to tackle. NL Mike Zablan asked for some volunteers to go to America for 1-year fundraising beginning this July. So far, almost 50 people have volunteered.

Also the launching and strengthening of the Barangay Federation for World Peace to the 41,982 barangays nationwide could be a big help for the national restoration according to the National Leader Mike Zablan.

During the convention, Rev and Mrs. Kim together with their son Kyle Kim came to the Philippines and opened Tanay Training Center as the ICEF Center. This ICEF is organized mainly to establish financial resources for the providential projects. Kyle Kim was appointed as the Executive Director for the ICEF and Mrs. Supaporn Zablan as the Sec. General of ICEF.

Matching was one of the agenda in the convention and there were actually 2 sets of matching held. The 1st was on the 31st of May and the second was on June 2. Few members were matched, we had many brothers but few sisters because our sisters were reserved for the Korean matching. From the total numbers matched, Bro. King of the Technical Department of HQ was matched to the niece of Rev. Cirilo Jagopaas, Bro. Jim (hq) was match to a sister from Thailand, Joshua Purisima (hq) was match to a sister from Thailand. One from IRFWP was match to another sister from Thailand. Gil Baldon of Bohol was match to Thailand sister too. Hanfil matching will be held in Korea.

During the closing program Mrs. Kim gave free-trip to Kowai, Thailand to three lucky winners done by drawing of lots. The lucky winners were Roland Alcayaga, HQ Executive Director, Mrs. Joy Remigio, Executive Director of Cabanatuan, and Rodel of MFT from Davao Center.

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