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Our beloved elder brother Joe Tully has passed into the spirit world...

David Hill
October 14, 2010

In Memory of Joseph A. Tully

Our beloved elder brother Joe Tully has passed into the spirit world on October 13, 2010 11:45 am, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Joe is survived by his five children Bumi, Miwha, Jamie, Hyoja and David.

A few FaceBook reflections:

I met Joe in 1972 when I joined the Unification Church in San Francisco. He was intelligent and kind. I always remember him as being kind. Our paths crossed many times throughout the years and it was always a good experience. I will miss him.
With Love,
Lucy Borer

Annette Scallan -- Farewell dear brother and best wishes on your journey to your new home. May you find the joy and peace and wonderful people you want to work with all there, waiting for you Joe Tully. Thank you for your life here.

Robert Sayre -- A brave and compassionate soul. His life brought Joy to God and those, whose lives he touched.

Lourdes Swarts -- I too thank you, Joe, for the many times you called me, from Hawaii, to encourage me or to just be in touch regarding our mission. Thanks for passing on "secrets"--, words given by our TF, to your dedicated group of followers in Hawaii. You inspired me to take action, when I could not bear to move one more step... Your... heart is so genuine and of a caring person, who can see beyond what most can.

Cheryl Wetzstein -- Thank you Joe for making that call to me in 1998 about Hawaii's court case. The gay marriage saga is far from over, but you helped start The National Conversation about it, via TWT.

Phillip Schanker -- What an incredible example of loyalty, determination, attendance, and faithfulness. Joe has become a personal model for me through his love for True Parents, and his devotion to his wife before, during and after her ascension. Joe, I will strive to inherit and live up to your simple, unassuming dedication...

Headquarters Update...

Today in Kona, Hawaii, the Seunghwa Ceremony for our beloved elder brother, Joe Tully, is being held. As you know, Joe passed away October 13, due to complications resulting from a stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Our True Parents love Joe and his family dearly and are very proud of the life that he lived, centered on the will of God. Our senior pastor, Rev. In Jin Moon, has expressed her deep gratitude for Joe's outstanding life of faith, and for giving her his great support as she was establishing her ministry in America.

I know that all of us would like to be able to attend his ascension ceremony. We are grateful that our Continental Director, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, will be there to officiate the Seunghwa Ceremony. Mr. Jim Gavin, President of UPF-USA, will attend and read a personal letter from Rev. In Jin Moon. The West Coast Block Leader, Rev. Kevin Thompson, will also attend, representing In Jin Nim. In addition, many of Joe's family members, friends and colleagues will participate to honor this great man of God.

Below is a brief biography of Mr. Joe Allen Tully. We have also attached the Seunghwa Address which will be presented by Dr. Yang today.

Joe Tully was born June 29, 1946 in Texas (his family was traveling at the time). Joe grew up in the small town of Naalehu on the "Big Island" of Hawaii. Joe lost his dad in a traffic accident when he was quite young. He went to a prestigious boarding school, Hawaii Preparatory Academy, from grade school through high school years. Joe was an athlete who excelled at football, and was named to the Hawaii All-State team as both an offensive and defensive player in the same year.

Joe attended and Graduated from Stanford University. He joined the Unification Church in San Francisco in early 1970. Joe became the leader of the large New York branch of the U. C. for many years, and was always one of the very best lecturers in America. He assisted Rev. Sudo at Barrytown and was quite active with the fight against communism. Joe worked with our headquarters at the New Yorker Hotel, and then was one of the founding members and President of the American Constitution Committee (ACC), under the guidance of Dr. Bo Hi Pak. During the era of transition after the fall of Communism, Joe also spent time in the Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula teaching Divine Principle workshops.

Joe suffered a massive heart attack, followed by quadruple bypass surgery in 1987. In 1989, Joe returned to his home state of Hawaii, where he began the Hawaii Freedom Coalition in Honolulu. During that time True Parents would visit Kona, Hawaii often and upon seeing Joe at prayer-study meetings, would frequently call on Joe personally by name

Joe Tully and Victor Jessop were the two primary ' founding fathers' of True Father's High School of the Pacific, and to Joe's last day, he remained loyal to Father's vision for HSP and the school's vital mission to Pacific Island students.

Since that time Joe has worked tirelessly in the education and political arenas to support the family unit in Hawaii through education about absolute sexual morality and related issues. To that end, Joe together with other prominent leaders in the Hawaiian community worked to found the Hawaii Family Coalition, a grassroots organization dedicated to protect traditional family foundations and values in Hawaii. Joe suffered a stroke just days after launching an inaugural series of HFC workshops here in Hawaii.

Joe and his wife Sanae were blessed in the 1800 Couples Blessing in 1975. Sanae passed away in 1999 and they are survived by five children in the following order: daughters, Bumi, Mi Hwa, Jamie and Hyo Ja, and son David.

Let us continue to keep Joe and his family in our prayers. If you would like to offer donations for the Tully family, please contact Rev. Jorg Heller at our national headquarters office.

May God bless your family.

Sincerely, Rev. Joshua Cotter

Executive Vice President 

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