The Words of the Tranberg Family

The Freshest News From Way Up North, Minneapolis Church

Kojin Tranberg
October 11, 2006

Today our team visited the Minnesota church and it was a blast! As the Minnesota family was arriving already we were greeted with warm smiles and a familial heart. We were definitely at home.

As part of the morning program our STF team was privileged to perform "Love is Born Anew" by Joshua Cotter. I believe the entire church congregation could feel our expression of love for God and the True Family; and they truly thanked us amid resounding applause.

When the morning service was given truly it felt that God was speaking directly to STF. Given by Judith Grant-Wilson, Mrs. Wilson reached out to STF and the community with her own personal testimony. After struggling with her disappointments and struggles to love her community, Mrs. Wilson realized that what God needs most arenít men and women who know and understand Divine Principle, but embody Divine Principle through their love. Mrs. Wilson characterized the youth of today as men and women who "donít care how much you know, until they know how much you care." Mrs. Wilson realized what God needs is for us to become True Parents. Parents that can embrace and digest the worldís suffering and bring us into the Age of Cheon Il Guk.

Truly the message touched everyone, as was seen after Morning Service when people seemed to talk and love one another with a renewed sense of care. After enjoying a splendid lunch, we invited the 2nd Generation to join in some service work. We recruited about 10 other 2nd Generation, who participated in doing some "spring" cleaning. After we were done the church looked like the Kingdom of Heaven; STF and the local youth celebrated with laughs and warm hearts.

All in all, this first visit to the local community from our team was a great success and STF could represent Hyun Jin Nim through our genuine love and spirit. Letís continue attending the True Family as they conclude their speaking tour! Mansei!

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