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United States Second Generation Activities in Sri Lanka- Glory to God TP and Hyung Jin Nim for the grand support

Ratnasabapathy Thillairajan
May 13, 2008

Hello, Everyone,

The Seattle-based Next Generation Academy Leader Jeff has arranged with Dr. and Mrs. Kim for second generation leaders in training to visit the Asia Region to do service work as part of their training. I was informed that our Continental Chair had asked them to send three members to five nations for them to send three of their members to do service work. The nations chosen were Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Thailand. This is the first time the second generation team was visiting South Asia for this type of project. This report is about their activities in Sri Lanka.

The second generation members of the team had started preparing for 6 months to visit these nations. They are high school graduates and wanted to experience and serve this part of Asia for the first time. Initially they contacted several leaders in Sri Lanka. Due to the country's security situation as well as other local activities, they were advised by the national leader not to visit Sri Lanka but to go to Nepal Instead. This was very difficult to accept for them as they have already planned and did the research about Sri Lanka as well as prayed for this nation.

So they discussed all the possible problems of doing service work in Sri Lanka. They started a bowing condition as well and asked me what else they could do. So I told them that when I was in Korea I met Hyung Jin Nim. Whenever I met him he shook my hand and said, "Thillai, my Friend" with utmost sincerity. This is like Jesus telling his disciples that they are his friends. Also I learned that Hyung Jin Nim is very happy to pray for any problem of members in the morning prayers. So I suggested they send a letter about the situation to Chongpadong and ask for prayers, and I myself also asked Hyung Jin Nim for his prayer and support. After several days of such prayers, the Next Generation Academy decided to serve Sri Lanka despite all the problems they may have to face here. So the family of Thillai was thrilled to host them and also asked Dr. and Mrs. Kim for their prayers as they are the Continental Directors.

On the 28th of March the three second generation leaders, with their Director, Jeff, arrived in Sri Lanka.

We visited a few places in Colombo during the first few days and visited the centre as well. The national leader welcomed them and asked them to have good time in Sri Lanka. I already felt it was a miracle of the power of prayer.

The Activities of the Second Generation (Elisa, Tasia, and Audrey)

1. On the first day they visited an Assembly of God church with the letter from the first missionary to Sri Lanka, Frederica to the main pastor. He had received our missionary 33 years ago when he had a small church and now he has so many churches all around the country including the main church, which can accommodate 5,000 people. He is a friend of Rev. Cho Yong Gee from Korea.

2. On the first day they also met university law students with Ju Yong, the second generation leader in Colombo.

3. On the second day they went to a village called Madabowita and initiated a microfinance program with seed money True Mother had given them. It was a moving experience for all of us. We spoke about the visit of Father and Mother Moon and we also told them we are initiating this program in remembrance of the visit. This will be linked to IRFF as well. The former national leader of Sri Lanka contributed the money True Mother gave during her visit to Sri Lanka for this ongoing project.

4. On the second day they also went and stayed in a village. The village welcomed them very warmly.

5. They helped to renovate and paint the school of that village. They played with the children and sang some songs to them. They told them that we are One Family.

6. Then they went to different parts of the country and did educational training service, giving presents and loving the people as brothers and sisters.


They have shown a remarkable example in attitude and their work and really loved the people. So whenever they left a village, the village people were in tears and they themselves were in tears, too. This was the first time I saw this kind of investment from any foreign missionary to this nation with my own eyes and was very moved by it.

Although I designed it to be some sort of service learning experience with very little time to relax, they eagerly participated in all activities to the last day. On the last day just before the departure, the national leader and his wife invited them for a Korean lunch. It was a great experience for all of us who were involved and we really appreciate the power of prayer from Chong Pa Dong and Hyung Jin Nim for this great experience.

On the 18th of April in the early morning at 2 A.M they left Sri Lanka to Bangkok, Thailand, and (we received the wonderful news) at the same time which is 5 A.M, in Korea during the morning Hoon Dok session True Parents appointed Hyung Jin Nim the head of our organization. It is a great victory for God and True Parents as the second gen could have such a remarkable experience in Sri Lanka. During their stay, one powerful minister of the government was killed by a suicide bomber. But God and the spirit world were so powerfully guiding the whole program so we completed the program without any major problems, so we want to thank our national leader and Dr. and Mrs. Kim for their prayers and support for the program as well.

I also must thank the three main Ambassadors for Peace Mr. Ariyapala, Mr. Vathanam, and Mr. Bandara for the immense support of organizing this service program for them. Also the support of the second generation Sukun, Yoshimi, and Koukun was indeed very valuable. Kimiko Thillairajan did her best as well. It was a remarkable team effort and was a great success.

Rev. Dr. Ratnasabapathy Thillairajan 

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