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March 31 Los Angeles ACLC Prayer Breakfast Hits New Spiritual High At Sadoc Christian Peace Family Church

Mark Tengan
March 31, 2007
ACLC Coordinator
Photo: Mayumi Joswick

In preparation for Holy Week, members and guests of the Los Angeles Chapter of ACLC gathered on Saturday, March 31, at Sadoc Christian Peace Family Church in Compton to hold the monthly ministersí prayer breakfast. Fresh from the national ACLC conference in Houston, St. Johnís Lutheran Church Pastoral Assistant Rev. Carlos Torres served as MC with a passion and enthusiasm that reflected the excitement generated at the Houston convocation.

Host pastor, Rev. Dr. Walter W. Millsap, gave the invocation followed by Rev. James Toldson, pastor of New Mt. Zion MBC, who gave the scripture reading. Dr. William R. Johnson, ACLC co-chairman, gave the Peace Message readings. In keeping with the morningís theme of focusing on the restoration of the family, three ACLC pastors and their wives -- the Millsap couple, the Henning couple and the Morris couple, led all participants in the blessing of their marriages.

The inspired Gospel selection performed by the Sadoc Christian Choir prepared the attendees to receive Minister Michelene Millsapís clear and spirit-filled talk about the ACLC goals and objectives. She asked the participants to join her in reciting the ACLC motto: "Restore the Family, Rebuild the Community, Renew the Nation and the World!" In addition, the new easy membership payment system was explained; the simplicity of the new system is really helping to spearhead new memberships. Special recognition of the seven new ACLC members was also given.

Keynote speaker Bishop John Morris gave his talk on "Restoring the Family to Build Godís Kingdom." Both Bishop and Mrs. Morris have been appointed to be Ambassadors for Peace with the Universal Peace Federation because of their dedicated ministry called "IAM", short for International Anointed Ministries of Jesus Christ. With humor, compassion, and precise teaching, Bishop Morris proceeded to share several practical points that we Christians need to be aware of in both our relationships with God as individuals, and in our intimate relationships as husband and wife. He really challenged us to bring Godís Blessing to our homes by continuously praying and "seeking His face."

After the offering, we moved to Fellowship Hall where Sadoc members served a delicious homemade breakfast. In the warm, hospitable atmosphere everybody enjoyed the meal while reports and announcements were given, beginning with Ms. Norma Foster, director of the Hollywood Bowl Easter Sunrise Service. She encouraged all ACLC ministers to be involved with the annual historical Easter event. Several ACLC ministers, their choirs, and their members will be on the stage April 8th this year as 5,000 to 8,000 people gather in the early hours to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Rev. J.L. Briggs and Rev. Margaret Tate then gave inspirational reports about their experiences at the Houston ACLC National Convocation. In a different vein, new ACLC member Mrs. Linda Harris Foster, daughter of Sweet Alice Harris, founder of Parents of Watts (POW), gave a passionate testimony about how she grew up in a difficult neighborhood where so many tragedies were experienced. She fully endorses the important role that churches have in supporting and changing the community. Also, she decided to join the pilgrimage to Israel right there in the breakfast meeting--there was a real sense that the Holy Spirit was working on the righteous people of God.

Finally, Ms. Elizabeth Millsap described the Sadoc Christian Church Ministry, where youth can come and learn dance performance, computer skills, and, of course, the word of God. Overall, this meeting can only be described, in the words of one participant, as "high spirited and the best yet!" Such a high spirit can only be attributed to the fact that host church pastor Rev. Dr. Millsap and his congregation and family supported not only this breakfast meeting but continually support the work of Peace Ambassadors and the ACLC ministry. Thank you, Sadoc Christian Peace Family Church!

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