The Words of the Tengan Family

Los Angeles – ACLC Prayer Breakfast

Mark Tengan
August 26, 2006
ACLC Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, August 26th, was the date that ACLC Los Angeles region held its monthly prayer breakfast. This time the breakfast was held at the Hays Tabernacle CME Church. This is the second time Hays Tabernacle hosted our prayer breakfast.

The theme for this breakfast was "Waging Peace: A Strategy for True Victory" with Rev. Dr. Nicholas Benson giving the keynote address. The auditorium was packed with over 100 guests and friends. And this time around the entire program was run by the Peace Family Church Pastors. Rev. Sterling Brown, Rev. Cortina Reid, Rev. Nicholas Benson, Rev. Walter Millsap, Rev. George Gatson and Rev. Clara Epps.

The Master of Ceremonies was Rev. Sterling Brown, who did an excellent job of leading the program. Welcoming remarks came from Dr. Joseph Gardner, Pastor of Hays Tabernacle CME Church.

Dr. Raymon Harris, one of the founding members of ACLC, gave the Invocation.

After the invocation, there was time for scripture readings and Father Moon’s words. Rev. Margaret Tate read an excerpt of Father Moon’s speech entitled "Bounds of Heaven and Hell." Breakfast was then served buffet style. Thanks to Mrs. Elizabeth Henning’s excellent cooking, the ministers and guests enjoyed the food very much.

While having breakfast, the SADOC Christian singers sang songs of praise and worship. Then came the highlight of the morning, Rev. Nicholas Benson, who delivered the keynote address,. entitled "Waging Peace: A Strategy for True Victory." Rev. Benson recounted the time of his encounter with Jesus, in the jungles of South Africa, fighting the white apartheid government. He changed his life around after meeting Jesus in the spirit. Rev. Benson realized that war and killing are not the answer but true love is. He then chronicled his journey from being a soldier of fortune to a soldier for God. Dr. Benson said that Reverend Moon is walking in the role of Jesus right now and he is the only hope for this world of conflict. Everyone loved Rev. Benson’s address and rose up from their seats to applaud him at the end of the speech.

Next came testimonies about the Divine Principle seminars that ministers are welcomed to join. Rev. George Gatson and Rev. Clara Epps both gave powerful testimonies on the life-changing experience they had with the Divine Principle seminars. After these testimonies, Rev. Mark Tengan, our local ACLC coordinator, went onstage to invite ministers to join the ACLC movement. Several ministers took the brochures that were handed out.

Closing prayer was then followed by the Sadoc Christian singers and our local Origin Choir jointly singing "Peace, Shalom, Alasaalamuilaikum". 

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