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Lovin' Life Presents Sonic Cult's, Alive

Celine I. Tardy
January 21, 2011

Sonic Cult's long-awaited debut album "Alive," produced by Lovin' Life Ministries' Senior Pastor In Jin Moon, was released at the beginning of 2011. The eleven tracks of this multi-genre album offer an arrangement of Top-40s hits, uplifting emotional ballads, legendary rock classics, and original songs written by band members. This album has a full orchestra of genuine musicians, vocalists, and backup singers bringing passionate life to each song.

The album opens with the live recording of the Lovin' Life audience shouting "10-9-8-7-6-5" as they count down to the beginning of the service and are welcomed by Lovin' Life's MC, Dave Hunter. The first track is an uplifting original version of the congregational song, "Shining Fatherland." Distinct vocals of singer and piano player Chris Alan Derflinger are heard with back-up harmonies of the Lovin' Life choir.

This is followed by a heart-clenching dramatic praise-and-worship number, With Everything, sung by Ben Lorentzen, whose rock-style voice works strongly with electric guitars and solid percussion. His vocals become softer mid-song with ambience and a strong beat, and then rise with a powerful harmony that creates an inspiring, well-built rock anthem.

The soulful eloquent voice of Ilhwa Yokpore is heard clearly in the tracks "Feels like Home" and a folk-style gospel version of Alison Krauss's "Living Prayer," which starts off gently and reaches higher pitch levels and strength, harmonized by backup vocals and including poignant electric guitar interludes.

Another powerful song is the Leona Lewis's version of "Run," sung with Chris Alan's strapping lead vocals and assimilated backups, leading to an inspirational gospel composition. Chris Alan also performs his own introspective song Turn, which expresses his desire for something brighter and fresh in his life. "I've gotta turn this around; I've gotta turn this around," is repeated in a chorus of back-up singers, together with his passionate release of vocals.

A key song on the album is "One by One," written by In Jin Moon and sung by Chris Alan Derflinger. With a beautiful piano intro, this heartfelt classical ballad, which has moved many to tears, expresses the composer's love for someone who has been lost.

Between the awe-inspiring rock numbers and powerful ballads, Sonic Cult's Alive is a solid release embodying faith and recounting human tales of facing struggle and loss, intertwined with the overlying themes of hope and love.

Check out the songs performed at Lovin' Life Ministries today! Visit to hear the songs on this album and for information on purchases.

Previously known as the Lovin' Life Ministries band, Sonic Cult was originally formed in New York City in 2009, and first performed on April 4, 2009. Sonic Cult has been performing each Sunday at Lovin' Life services and has traveled to perform nationally and internationally. 

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