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French TV Chronicles the Rise of Modern South Korea and the Unification Church

Celine Tardy
January 14 2011

French state run broadcast 2TV has aired a New Year's Special Documentary on January 3rd titled, "An Eye On The Planet: South Korea" which also gave respectful coverage of the Unification Church in Korea. The documentary chiefly explored South Korea's rapid economic growth, South and North Korea's conflicts, various religions in S.K., Korean dramas and music gaining vast popularity in Asia.

The documentary reported that South Korea, the "hidden power," has been rising continuously in Asia, even though media coverage tends to focus only on its conflict with North Korea.

"Its industry is powerful," the narrator remarked in an introduction to its documentary: "Its global brands are known, its education system is one of the most efficient, and its economy has unflappable growth: more than 8% per year for thirty years!"

An Eye on the Planet adds that it is no coincidence that the European Union has signed a historical trade agreement with South Korea. "South Korea is already the fourth largest trading partner of the European Union and the country's economic rise is coupled with a political ambition."

In the section of the documentary focused on religions, which included Buddhists and Protestants, the Unification Church's founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon is shown in a segment presenting a mass-wedding Blessing ceremony held in Korea on October 2009, which consecrated more than 10,000 international marriages. With the music of "Hallelujah" playing in the background, the documentary explains that "Rev. Moon has created his own religion, The Unification Church, better known in France today as the "Sect Moon."

The headquarters of the Unification Church in Seoul is shown, where reporters interviewed Mr. Justin Kook-Jin Moon, the fourth son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and current chairman of the Unification Church Foundation in Korea.

"Bonjour, my name is Justin Moon," Moon greets, giving reporters a tour of the headquarters, pointing to the display of the church logo, the planning department, and explaining about management. The documentary notes that Justin Moon has graduated from universities in the United States, and describes him as a savvy business man who compares his church to a corporation.

In the interview, Moon explains "Because of religious freedom, even if we are a new religion, and there are many established churches, we have been able to conduct our activities freely."

Justin Moon says that "Naturally, established churches do not always like the new growing religions who witness to their members. It creates a certain level of competition. However, it is this free exchange of ideas which allows the whole society to make progress and to be more understanding toward others."

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