The Words of the Tardy Family

West Coast Families Experience Lovin' Life Service Live in Los Angeles

Celine Tardy and Yofred Moik
November 3, 2010

Unificationist families from the west coast, including some attending from as far away as Colorado and Washington state, came together this weekend, October 30-31, for an occasion of family fun and worship with Lovin' Life Ministries service live in Los Angeles.

It was especially seen that youth programs such as Blessed Teens Academy (BTA) and Next Generation Academy (NGA), brought together 80 teenagers from across the country to witness and take part in this special west coast event.

Prior to the worship service held on Sunday, Ariana Shin Sun Moon first gave ballroom dance lessons on Saturday afternoon. Accompanied by her dance partner, Marco, she briefed approximately 300 teens and adults on the fundamentals of ballroom dancing.

The physical activity was coupled with guidance that emphasized the priority in developing a healthy relationship between dance partners. Through ballroom dancing, dance partners actively practiced the formalities of treating the opposite gender with utmost respect. The participants featured a wide spectrum of talent, as the lessons were enjoyed by both the novice and the experienced.

After the ballroom dance lessons concluded, Autumnfest, a Halloween ball, ensued at 7 pm. The festival was a costume-themed Halloween party which had guests dress up in outfits that resembled their favorite celebrity or fictional characters. Some notable attendees included President Obama, pharaohs, a ketchup container, a toddler Godzilla, and Gumby. Lovin' Life Senior Pastor, Rev. In Jin Moon attended the festival a well known female superhero character from the comic strip Ironman.

The festivities that evening included food, games, and costume contests, which were MC'd by Woody from Toy Story, convincingly played by Lovin' Life National Youth Pastor Jaga Gavin.

Costume winners were chosen that night for different categories: 1. By age range, 2. By group, 3. Most in character, and 4. Overall best Costume. After judges picked the top three, the audience voted for their personal favorites through applause.

After the activities finished, the festival continued with a performance from the Lovin' Life Band, with each band member dressed up in Halloween costumes. Count Dracula skillfully played the keyboard and a realistic-looking gorilla rocked the bass that evening.

Ariana, together with her partner Marco, gave a special dance performance to the crowd of approximately 400 people. The evening then concluded with a ballroom session that had costumed participants dancing until late into the night.

The next morning, Lovin' Life Ministries Sunday Service was held live at the Westin Hotel, with over 1100 in attendance. Each enjoyed the praise and worship music from the Lovin' Life Band, and a special sermon given by Rev. In Jin Moon.

"Rev. Moon connected and related well with the community," expressed National youth pastor Jaga Gavin after the service. "Her giving of advice on such everyday struggles of being a parent, and how to raise children, helped her bond with many."

The meet-and-greet line to meet with Rev. Moon following service was long, as she conversed with west coast Unification Church members for nearly two hours. Many extended gifts to her, with some kids still dressed in costumes.

Approximately 80 youth members from NGA, BTA, and STF were brought to Lucky Strike bowling following the service, to enjoy time together with the True Family. It was explained to them how the youth in Manhattan would do this often after Lovin' Life Ministries services.

Overall it was a cheerful time for Unificationist families on the west coast to share together in. 

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