The Words of the Tanai Family

Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families: New Resolution

Yasunari Tanai
February 16, 2007

Let me first thank God, True Parents, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and Hoon Mo Nim who have really devoted themselves for the blessed families to receive this 'Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families'.

It is hard to measure or understand the merit we receive. By listening to Rev. Shanker's lecture on February 15, he emphasized that 'Before, I could not believe that I could reach perfection but now I believe. Because of my personal experience with Heung Jin Nim.'

In preparation to this special workshop, my wife and I read a booklet published in Japan which gathered recent three Heung Jin Nim's message from the spirit world (September 18, 2005 / September 3, 2003 / January 1, 2002). By reading Heung Jin Nim's message, spiritually I felt so close to Heung Jin Nim and felt his heart for Blessed Couples and his desire for America. Since then Heung Jin Nim became much closer to my heart.

Listening to Dae Mo Nim's message, her voice was calmed but yet very serious. The contents she spoke is much deeper than the message we received through internet. By listening to her message, I understand much more about 'collective sin'. I heard the term before and I learned about it, however, I was not serious about this collective sin. Dae Mo Nim clearly explained about this. Even though as whole Unification Movement, someone commits a sin, then this becomes collective sin. If one of the second generations commits a sin, then this is considered collective sin for whole second generation. Therefore, she emphasized to help each other and care for each other as if they are your own immediate family.

By listening to her message, then I realized it was about me who had jealousy, resentment and arrogance in my heart, and no one else.

Now is the time to practice what we have been taught. As Dae Mo Nim said God and Satan both gave us trials. Also in reality still many challenges await us. Therefore, it is very important for us to become 'true believers'. Let us truly believe God's purpose of Creation and fulfillment of his Will. True Parents believe it, True Children believe it, and Dae Mo Nim believes it. How about us?

We need to study God's word seriously. My wish is to teach Divine Principle and educate all Americans as soon as possible so that America can truly contribute to God's Providence. We will work together hand in hand.

Finally, Dae Mo Nim said in the end of her speech, "I love you all eternally" Now is the time for us to inherit her heart and put into practice in our daily lives.

Thank you very much.

Yasunari Tanai,
Blessing Group: 30,000,
West Rock Family Church, U.S.A.,
Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families
February 15 and 16, 2007

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