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Report on 3rd European HARP Pure Love Workshop

Friederike Stoecklein
April 10, 2007
Chamarande, France

Organization: Lectures: Jeong Sin Kim (PL Missionary France), Hwa Jin Song (PL Missionary from England)
18 participants, age 14 – 17
Team leaders: Moon Hwa, Friederike, Christoph Penhard
Lecture topics: Pure Love - Sexuality, Lineage, Attitude
Activities: PL Solution (discussion), Panel Debate, Brothers/Sisters Sharing, "Moment of the Fall" Skit, creative essay time, performance for god evening, PL ceremony, Prayer evening

It has been my first Pure Love – WS and I came there with a special purpose and viewpoint, I can say, as education in this field is my personal interest for my three months mission.

To be honest, so far I used to be quite skeptical concerning this concept of PL education, so I was really curious and hopefully open to learn and see… In our first staff meeting, it turned out that I am supposed to be team leader, which immediately changed my attitude towards this WS. I couldn’t keep this kind of "observer" position anymore (as planned in my head), but was supposed to be actively involved in the process that the participants might go through during this program.

Basically almost all of the participants were French, but as most of the staff was English speaking (and also to support the idea of it being a European-ws) the WS was held in English with translation.

The age group was quite spread, from 14/15 years old French boys to 17 year old Dutch girls. But I was amazed how patiently and harmoniously everyone fit in somehow … although in terms of intellectual/educational efficiency it should be taken in consideration …

The content of the Lectures, which were handed out to everyone in a nicely prepared map-folder, was very clear and structured. Reflecting on it, I must say, its simplicity struck me somehow. But then seeing the tearful and deep heart of our PL missionaries, I felt appreciation and gratitude, also for sharing honestly about their situation, language and culture barriers, transmitting the message…

And I felt almost ashamed, more than that deeply moved when two volunteers gave their testimony about their WS experience at the purity ceremony. Such pure and beautiful people, all of them!!

Also having team meetings after each lecture session, confronted me with the challenge how to transform intellectual understanding and transmit intellectual passion to real, young lives – 7 of them sitting around me… How to "pick them up" where they are? Aren’t they somehow still innocent and pure, these lovely French kids?!

As the motto of the WS says "Beyond Survival", it is more than "keep your purity", lineage talks about identity. Finally we were talking about our relationship to our parents and what we know about our ancestors, even imagining our future children… And in the process, it suddenly all filled up with personality, life and sense.

Externally, the beautiful WS place, Chamarande, supported the atmosphere a lot. When we did the "moment of the fall" skit outside – the audience sitting on the stairs, a team performing on the grass – the beautiful garden literally turned into the Garden of Eden. There was a nostalgic feeling of history. I think nobody will forget that. It was a really good idea to play the "moment of the fall" 3 times, each team from a different point of view – Adam, Eve and Lucifer. The Panel Debate was a good thing, too. It showed that we are not afraid of discussing and listening to totally controversial opinions and let them come together with our opinions to see what happens. I think it helps Bcs to become more confident and free with arguments.

On Sunday we were blessed with a spontaneous talk by Mrs. Song, after her sermon at the Sunday service. Many felt personally addressed and inspired, when she talked about her honest and personal way to communicate with god and also her husband. I will never forget when she said that she asked Dae Mo Nim, if it was okay to admire George Clooney in her thoughts… (:

The candle prayer on the last evening, I felt, was one of the highlights, and very precious for everyone. And also the nice gesture and atmosphere, having tea and cake afterwards.

Thank You, God of Eden

Friederike Stoecklein

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