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How does Preston (Hyun Jin Moon) claim to be honoring the legacy of True Father by attacking and dishonoring the church that was established by True Father?

Bob Spitz
September 5, 2012

I have not seen any mention of this aspect of Father's last days. Perhaps the supporters of Preston could provide some explanation for his actions, since they have been so keen to criticize Church leaders for their misconduct.

On August 24, 2012, Preston -- using his position at UCI -- filed a Counterclaim lawsuit against three of Rev. Moon's children (Hyung Jin, In Jin, and Kook Jin) as well as Bo Hi Pak, Mr. Joo, Peter Kim, Tongil, Mission Foundation, HSA-UWC, Family Federation, and UPF, claiming that they have caused injury to the charitable activities of UCI under Preston. This lawsuit has special claims against Pak, Joo and Kim for their breach of fiduciary duties as Directors of UCI.

The legal theory behind these claims is "interference with business relations." But, since UCI is supposed to be a charitable organization -- what business relations are being affected? He spends many pages telling a story of how badly UCI was managed under Dr. Pak and Mr. Joo and what a wonderful job he has done since taking control, including the relinquishing of enterprises that Preston deemed to be a financial drag on his vision for UCI. However, these were business entities that Father approved for Providential reasons, not necessarily their financial success.

Preston claims that the negativity against him is all due to the backlash from the reforms that he was making to improve the profitability of UCI. In addition, he claims that members of Rev. Moon's family were jealous of his growing international stature and reputation. That he claims is the reason they orchestrated this worldwide campaign to interfere with his efforts to improve the charitable activities of UCI. The lawsuit claims that jealousy is the only reason people have falsely accused him of usurping the assets for his own personal enrichment and self aggrandizement.

In addition, the lawsuit claims that Joshua Cotter accused Preston of absconding with the assets of UCI and said that Rev. Kwak is Satan. Preston blames church leaders for interfering with his Mongolia GPF conventions and causing them to be failures by their protests.

One of the more ridiculous claims in the lawsuit is that because these Unification Church church leader defendants made false statements about Preston, that is what caused donors in Japan to stop making contributions to UCI. Preston seems to think that donations should have continued flowing to UCI after he took control, but for this interference.

The lawsuit contains many vague references about Bo Hi Pak and Mr. Joo mismanaging the assets of UCI. However, Dr. Pak has not been involved with UCI for more than a decade. Any claims against him are so far beyond any statute of limitations, that they can only be raised by Preston for the purpose of tarnishing the reputation of the church leadership.

Essentially this Court filing is 22 pages of denials of all that Preston has done and 24 pages of accusations that are vague speculations and ramblings with very few, if any, concrete facts. Nevertheless, Preston claims that UCI has been damaged by not less than $100,000,000 from these vague and speculative claims.

The motivation for this cross-complaint is transparently for revenge and legal blackmail to scare leaders of the church out of pursing the church's viable claims against Preston.

My question is: How does Preston claim to be honoring the legacy of True Father by attacking and dishonoring the church that was established by True Father?

My question is how does Preston claim to be honoring the legacy of True Father by attacking and dishonoring the church that was established by True Father? This lawsuit and all of his actions reflect a person whose words and deeds are so contradictory that it is impossible to comprehend.

All of this must be placed in the context of this lawsuit being prepared and filed in the Court at the same time True Father was gasping for air on breathing machines in his final days. Moments after Preston visited True Father in the hospital in order to gain some PR advantage by claiming a reconciliation with Father as he lay in a coma and unable to speak, Preston walked out of the hospital to call his attorneys in Washington and give them the go ahead to file this lawsuit against his father's legacy.

All of this is beyond any earthly comprehension. I am unaware of any Biblical or historical comparisons to such actions.


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