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Response to Howard Self's Open Letter To My Church Community

Robert Spitz
June 24, 2010

The open letter from Howard [Self] again demonstrates the facile PR of Preston's [Hyun Jin Moon] followers to change the topic to move away from central issue, find fault with Unification Church leaders, vilify the victim, glorify the perpetrator, create straw man arguments, and turn a blind eye to the moral ramifications of their actions.

Howard's letter and all of the other attempts to justify and defend Preston's position (by attacking) seek to start at the end, rather than the beginning of the story. Why? Well, it is a little inconvenient to start at the beginning, because they don't have any good reasons for what Preston has done. Preston's camp has read all of the rebuttals to their possible arguments and they have realized that their only possible justification that Preston had to steal all the money so the evil Korean elders could not steal the money, is a bird without wings.

First of all Howard, if you want anyone to take you seriously, you need to start at the beginning and not the end. Your letter is a parody of the situation. When I called you several months back to find out what was going on and get some explanation, you refused to even discuss your position or attempt to explain the justifications for what Preston had done. When I asked you for some explanation of why you were supporting him, you adamantly and absolutely refused to discuss any aspect of the situation with me. Your response to me was something along the lines of "I am just following orders from my central figure, Preston" and "Bob, you know how stubborn the True Children are, I couldn't reason with him if I wanted to."

Mark Anderson promised us, after speaking with you, that you would be coming out with an explanation shortly. That was months ago.

Now you write this letter attacking the response of the Unification Church leaders to what you have done and you expect anyone to take you seriously? Your letter, your actions, your attack on the Unification Church leadership and indirectly Father's own position on the matter, your support for this theft of UCI and the Unification Church physical foundation in America and the World, without any explanation is an expression of your moral depravity on what can only be characterized as the worst disaster in Unification Church history.

People are justifiably disturbed by the moral depravity of the management of BP who committed gross negligence in the construction of the Deep Horizon oil rig in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico. However, you and all of the other Preston supporters and worker bees continue to intentionally and willfully provide cover and aid to him in his ongoing devastation of the Unification Movement.

Your letter bemoans the fact that you cannot speak at Sunday service in Washington. Where is your concern about the fact that Preston has silenced Father's voice in Washington by destroying the Washington Times? It was the flagship of our Unification Church Movement. Why would God even care if you could speak at a Sunday Service, regardless of the fact that you have not attended in years? Where is your perspective on this situation?

YOU and PRESTON and all of his followers are so wrapped up in the four fallen natures that you cannot see any light to lead you out of the darkness. You say that you are still following Father. Are you following the Divine Principle? Can you read Chapter 2 tonight and help me understand how you explain the following:

1. Failure to take God's standpoint. Father and Mother have stated their position. The Lord of the Second Advent has appointed his youngest son as the successor. How do you come to the conclusion that Preston's self proclaimed ministry has inherited God's Providence of Restoration?

2. Leaving one's proper position. Again, you give lip service to your devotion to True Parents. If so, then Preston has left the position assigned to him by True Parents and is trying to assume the position of leadership over the movement.

3. Reversal of Dominion. Clearly, Preston has demonstrated in Brazil his intention to take dominion over the Church centers and dominate Church elders and displace his younger brother and the movement established by True Parents.

4. Multiplication of the criminal act. The criminal act in this case is Preston's surreptitious and duplicitous actions in removing members of the UCI board using deception and replacing them with his loyalists to immorally dominate UCI and then hide behind American laws, rather than standing on God's laws.

Howard, as I asked you on the phone several months ago, give me some explanation for what you are doing. Explain your position in light of God's Providence of Restoration. If you were to try to write it down on paper, I know you would come to the only possible conclusion. There is absolutely no way on earth or in Heaven to explain or justify what Preston has done.

Instead, you have turned to crying about the punishment for your crime. Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden and could no longer speak with God. Cain became an outcast with a MARK on his forehead. Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt. Moses never saw the Promised Land. John the Baptist was beheaded. Judas hung himself.

Please tell me what you think is the appropriate punishment for destroying God's Providence?

Do you not see that our movement has been torn apart by this? What is your solution? Father should bow down to Preston and turn the movement over to him?

Howard. There is no gray in God's Providence. Switzerland did not win WWII.

You think you are dead right. So did Cain, so did Ham, so did Esau, so did John the Baptist, so did Judas.

You believe the punishment does not fit the crime. Ditto for every criminal.

I will say it, if nobody else will. What you are doing is a crime. You are a co-conspirator to the destruction of the Unification Movement and the destruction of God's Providence of Restoration. God divides into two sides for the purpose of Restoration. You are on the wrong side of the History of the Providence of Restoration.

Of course, you and Preston have your explanations and justifications, based upon your beliefs in the corruption and the arrogance of the Korean elders in leadership positions. Judas had his own financial justifications as well. If these justifications did not exist, there could be no basis for the division. This conflict had to be set up by God. You can hang your hat on these petty reasonings and keep your tunnel vision. I am asking you to step back and look at the big picture.

The one and only key question is: "What does God want?" Do you think your prayers are being answered by God and telling you that you are on the right path? So did the South in the Civil War. There is an incredibly powerful Spiritual World that supports each side in such a historical division. Are you trusting in that spiritual World to tell you what is right? I have already made a post in which I have explained the powerful spiritual world of indemnity that must be overcome due to the failures of Jesus' Family. Just as Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and John were all the best of the Israelites and the most blessed and chosen people, they all made the wrong decisions and caused Jesus to fail his mission.

Do you want to go down in history as part of the cause of the failure of God's Providence? You have been an outstanding and tremendous and blessed leader of this movement. You know the Divine Principle. If you can't explain your position and your actions in light of the Divine Principle, then you must concede that YOUR POSITION is Wrong. Complaining about the inaccurate characterizations of the motivations behind Preston's actions or complaining about the over reaction of Unification Church to what he has done, does not bootstrap you into a horse that will cross this stream.

I am praying that you will end your participation and support for the continuing division of the Unification Movement. I am praying that you will come to understand that the anger being expressed toward you and all of Preston's supporters is an expression of God's displeasure. Somebody is right and somebody is wrong. You have not and cannot explain why you are right. You can only complain.

Think about it. Pray about it. We are praying for you too.

Robert J. Spitz Attorney at Law
204 N. San Antonio
Ontario, CA 91762 

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