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Powerful Spiritual World Indemnity

Robert Spitz
June 22, 2010

Below you will find an excerpt from one of Mother's speeches, which I am quite sure was approved by Father. [You can read the entire speech here.]

It may not be the speech that is most directly on point, but there are many such speeches and they all say essentially the same thing. From this speech there seem to be some rather obvious conclusions that we can make.

My understanding of this speech is that when Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth and John the Baptist (All Family members of Jesus) failed in their respective responsibilities to unite with God's Providence (those failures to unite with the Messiah are detailed in the speech) then Jesus lost their protection and had to restart the Providence of Salvation and ultimately he became unable to fulfill his complete mission.

When the mission of Jesus failed, God had to send the Lord of the Second Advent to restore the failures of Jesus' family and the Israel nation.

The Providence of Restoration requires a Foundation of Faith and a Foundation of Substance. The failure of either is the failure of the Providence.

The Lord of the Second Advent must perfect the foundation of God's Providence of Restoration that was left uncompleted by Jesus. This includes the Family level Foundation and true lineage. While Father himself has fulfilled his mission on the Family level of Restoration, it is not clear that the members of the True Family have fulfilled their portion of responsibility.

Preston's [Hyun Jin Moon's] supporters seem to claim that the Restoration of the True Family in God's Providence of Restoration is automatic and can be fulfilled without any Foundation of Substance. The assumption seems to be that since Preston is a True Child, there is no need for any Foundation of Substance within the True Family. This seems to be based upon the assumption that sinless children are not required to pay indemnity or participate in the Providence of Restoration.

But Father was the sinless True Child of God. Did he not have to walk the Providence of Restoration on all of its levels before he could establish his claim to be the King of Kings? Did Jesus not have to complete the same providence? Since when does birthright entitle one to an exemption from the Providence of Restoration? I do not see that statement in any part of Divine Principle nor in any of Father or Mother's speeches. The only one who is making this claim of exemption from the Providence of Restoration is Preston.

I believe there is a path of restoration for the True Family as well as True Parents.

There is no free ride in the Providence. There is no instant gratification. The Providence of Restoration is nothing but hard work and humility all the way until the final restoration of the World.

I surmise that the relationship of Hyun Jin and Hyung Jin may be True Family Restoration on a higher level, perhaps the National or World level of the True Family Providence of Restoration.

Mother's speech clearly states the failures of Jesus' Family must be indemnified. So, can you tell us when that happened? Sadly, the deaths of so many of Father's children reveal a profound lack of success in the Providence of Restoration within the True Family. It also leads one to believe that the level of indemnity for the past failures within the True Family has only multiplied the level of indemnity, making the task of Preston all the more difficult to accomplish. Preston is in a position where he must overcome all of the failures of Jesus' Family plus any failures within the True Family. Indeed, this is a difficult task and I fully appreciate his position in the Providence and the task of Restoration.

Blaming any of the True Children for this current situation does not resolve it. Someone must step forward and accomplish the Foundation of Substance. Clearly the Foundation of Faith was established, since we are at the second level.

True Parents and True Family
Co-Founder's Address by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
Autumn 1996 Speaking Tour

Unless the Foundation of Substance is established, It leaves us with a failed Providence of Salvation and a looming disaster. Israel was leveled after the failure of Jesus' family. This is a serious time and we must pray for God's Providence to be fulfilled.

Faced with the opposition of Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, and finally John the Baptist, Jesus gave up hope for their protection as he sought to fulfill his mission. Therefore, Jesus left his home in search of a new spiritual foundation to restart the Providence of Salvation.

Now without a family and household, Jesus lamented, "foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matthew 8:20) With his family level foundation lost, Jesus sought to replace it. That was his three-year course.

In the end, as people disbelieved and the disciples lost faith, Jesus took Satan's attack. And as his foundation crumbled he went the way of the cross. Originally, Jesus came to the earth as the Messiah to give blessings to his disciples and all humankind. He was to build the sinless Kingdom of Heaven. But because of the lack of faith in him, he could not receive his bride, he could not become the True Parent, and he could not accomplish his mission. This is why he promised to return.

According to the Bible, "Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Today, therefore, I clearly reveal this truth about Jesus and Mary in order to liberate them despite opposition from established churches such as the Catholic Church and Protestant churches.

Completing the Ideal of True Parents

The Lord of the Second Advent comes to perfect the foundation of God's Providence of Restoration left uncompleted by Jesus. That is to say, he comes as the seed of the original True Child to complete the ideal of creation. He comes to complete the ideal of True Parents, who are the origin of the True Love, True Life, and the True Lineage of God. He comes on the victorious foundation of the fundamental providence of God's side up to the time of Jesus. He also stands upon the victorious foundation of Jesus' life and finds the bride that Jesus could not find. Together they become the True Parents to save all humankind.

Through the blessing of new marriages that pass on God's original blood lineage, the True Parents will be able to give salvation to all humanity. People will become True Persons engrafting into the True Love, True Life, and True Lineage of God. Furthermore, the Messiah will establish a True Family, creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Thus, it is the International Holy Weddings that establish this new blood lineage when the Lord of the Second Advent comes in the flesh.

On the level of the great world-wide family, the Lord indemnifies that which was lost in the family of Adam and restores the True Elder Sonship, True Parentship, and True Kingship that should have been perfected in Adam's family. He will transform this world into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth under the dominion of God, opening the Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world for registration. Humanity will enter into the era of kingship both spiritually and physically centered on God; and establish a world of victory, freedom, happiness, and unity; and create the Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in the spirit world, which is God's ideal of creation. This is the View of the Principle of the Providential History of Salvation. I hope that in the future all of you can also receive this joyous new marriage blessing. 

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