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Testimony: giving out our True Father's autobiography

Roni and Cecilia Souza
September 26, 2010

I was in Brazil with my wife and my daughter when I started to give out our True Father's autobiography. Initially, I wanted to give the books to my family and to close friends. Some of my uncles on my father side I had not seen for more than 40 years. Through the book I was inspired to visit them. Some of my uncles lived so far away from where I was staying to re that it would take to reach to their home 9 hours by bus.

Some of my relatives were very negative when I joined the movement many years ago, but now after explaining about True Father's mission and vision to save the world they became positive and they were glad to receive the book. Some of my uncles asked me to come back and to visit them again. One uncle called me after one hour on my cell phone when I was on the bus traveling back to Sao Paulo and he told me that I brought peace to his home and his heart. He wanted me to visit him again and said many times "Please, please come back again".

I really felt that the spiritual world was behind me, guiding me to distribute the book. One of my uncles is a missionary, but he had no church of his own. After reading the book we spoke for more than 4 hours and he said that "If everything that I read is true, I would like to open an Unification Church".

Another experience that I had was to find an ex-member that left our movement more than 25 years ago. Nobody knew where I could find him, but I prayed to God to let me meet this brother. After one week a friend gave me his phone number and I was able to contact him and give him the book. He was so surprised when I called him, because for 25 years nobody contacted him. He even asked me if Father had gone to the spiritual world. I told him that True Father was still alive and very active, and that I was there to give him True Father's autobiography.

He invited me to visit him again. Since that time we have been in contact and my heart is to connect him to True Parents again.

When I returned to America, my heart was to continue distributing the books and I really wanted to fulfill our goal of distributing 430 books.

I created a label to put in the books with the following message and my e-mail address:

"Building One Family under God.
We are here to serve, love and pray for each other.
May God bless you."

Before I started, I had a dream for 2 nights that I was distributing the books. I wanted to go house to house, but my wife suggested to go to churches, schools, businesses and doctor's offices around our neighborhood.

My first visit was to a Presbyterian Church. There was a man talking by the door, and as I was coming with the books (two on my arms and 20 in my backpack) he asked me "What are you selling? " I said that I was not selling anything, but I was bringing to them Rev. Moon's autobiography. As I showed it to him , he saw Father's picture and this man said "Rev. Moon!!! I want to read about him" and he said to give it to his secretary because he had to go . I asked how many people I could give this book and the secretary said "May I have 10 to give to each of the church leaders" and she was happy to receive them and she thanked me for them.

I went to a Lutheran church. I told her that I would like to give this book to the Pastor and his assistants and if it was OK. She said "Yes", but as I was leaving the office the secretary asked me to wait for a moment that she was going to ask the Pastor to confirm. She came back saying that the Pastor would like to read the book and thanked me for bringing this book to them.

I went to a four-story office building. I was looking at the name board in the lobby when a gentleman came toward me and asked what I was looking for. I answered that I was looking for a doctor and this man said there is one right here and he followed me. I went inside the office and I told the lady that I would like to give this book to her. She asked if she could have another one for her friend. When I came out from the office the man asked me if I was selling something and I answered "no" that I wanted to give this book to everyone.

I showed the book to him. Once he saw the picture of Father he asked if he could have one, too; and he said "Please, please". I asked him if he was the manager and he answer "Yes". I asked if I could do the other offices, too. and he said "Yes, but only those that the door is open." I really felt that again the spiritual world was there with me. I started from the 4th floor down. On the 2nd floor, there was one company with more than 40 people. I asked the receptionist if I could distribute to all (more than 40) the employees and she said "Yes". Since I could not walk in the office the lady promised to distribute them on my behalf.

Through these experiences, I really felt the spiritual world was working and preparing the way even before I was coming to the places and preparing the people to receive the book.

On my first day I distributed 168 books in 2 hours and 40 minutes. On second day I distributed 143 in 2 hours and half. On my third day I went out with my 8 year old daughter, Tomomi, around my neighborhood house to house. The weather was very hot and it was noon time. We only distributed 3 books in 1 hour and half. Because most people were working and it was so hot we went home. On the fourth day, I distributed 139 in one hour and 30 minutes. Also, we mailed a copy to the mayors of Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton.

By September 10. 2010, we had given out 470 books!

Even though we fulfilled our goal of 430 books, we wanted to continue distributing the books because it is truly a tool for witnessing about our True Father.

I pray that many brothers and sisters can have this kind of heart experiences of the good spiritual world and to know they are here to help and guide us.

I feel that this is a time to do this because our True Parents are still alive with us.

I am very grateful to God and our True Parents for the wonderful experiences that I had and I prayed that many people will contact us to know more about our True Parents.


Roni and Cecilia Souza 

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