The Words of the Soto Family

Sharing About A Minister - Testimony From Japan

Rituko Soto
October 27, 2006

Note from Mrs. Soto a Blessed Wife in Miami, FL concerning the testimony of a Japanese sister about one clergy that visited Japan.

Dear Dr. Jenkins,

Thank you very much for your work. I just want to share with you. My friend called me from Japan.

When 120 ministers went to Japan, she was a translator and took care of a minister. She was very inspired by him. His name is Rev Harvey Kendricks from NY (I'm sorry if spelling of his name is wrong). He said, "I was chosen by Rev. Sun Myung Moon." He was proud of himself that he was working for True Father.

This missionary was very surprised and felt so much hope. Also he bought 10 Postcards at the hotel and sent them to his minister friends. I don't know what he wrote but I'm sure he shared his experience in Japan. I could imagine when those ministers who went to this world tour, would come back to US in December, something will happen.

After I talked with her, I felt that I need to do work more. Also in order for me to receive those ministers spirit and heart, I , myself need to do something in Miami. I don't know how much I can do but I do my best. I know you are busy. I wanted to share my thought with you. Thank you very much

Rituko Soto (wife of Carlos Soto) from Miami

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