The Words of the Sorongon Family

Defiance Of True Father's Instruction

K. Lito Sorongon
May 8, 2010

The various unsolved issues that crapped up in Unification Church-Philippines, exploded like a time bomb in the internet which started with one man's (Michael G. Zablan) defiance to True Father's instruction. What could be the inner motive and valid reason behind it? Could it be a little wanting of love?

Meanwhile, Hyun Jin Nim disregarding True Father's direction to stop the holding of Global Peace Festival and other related activities and met Michael G. Zablan and some members (VIPs, leaders, brothers, and sisters).

Confronted with this dilemma, he decisively chose and support Hyun Jin Nim and his GLOBAL PEACE FESTIVAL and other related activities. Some insiders thought that it was inconceivable to believe that an intelligent, talented, hardworking and committed national leader of a providential second-daughter nation (Philippines) was remarkably captivated by Hyun Jin Nim instead of True Father. Could this be a thing other than TRUE Love? It would be a hypothetical, impossibility that there is such a thing greater that "TRUE LOVE OF GOD AND True Parents".

The "crossing over" of Michael G. Zablan and his cohorts, who followed his footsteps, turn to the other side was his last grip to perpetuate position and authority, as he was before, under the support and leadership of Hyun Jin Nim brought about chaos and commotion of such magnitude.

By forming an alliance with Hyun Jin Nim , intrigues, disparity, dissociation and confusion among leaders and members emerged, thus creating a "Philippine style 38th parallel" starting from the national level extending down to the local level for the first time in the history of Unification Church-Philippines.

The leaders and members attached to Michael G. Zablan for so many years and who are more loyal to him than True Father joined with his cause. If and only if Michael G. Zablan obeys True Father's instruction and stay put and reflect deeply about the situation, these controversies and issues that plagued the Unification Church-Philippines had come to naught.

Baffled and distracted by these controversies and issues that surround the church, members turn to the internet for comfort, inspiration and guidance. Moreover a public forum was in place, to promote a free expression of one's ideas and opinions and feelings to create a healthy personal and family relationship under the slogan "One Family Under God".

But unfortunately for some members, the internet had become a dumping ground for their garbage and graveyard for burying "dead people". From an observer's perspective, it had become a varied, behavioral expression such as: throwing stones and mud at each other, character assassination, unreliable assessment and evaluation of a person's personality, showdown of the battle of minds and brains continues to dig deeper and deeper, in and out of the grave and undoubtedly, IT IS NOT HELPING NOR WILL RESOLVE THE PRESENT ISSUES OF THE CHURCH.

Our members (old and new) who dream of a "GOD Bless the Philippines", "The Pearl of the Orient " worked very hard by investing their heart and soul by shedding sweat and tears for this nation to rise above and fulfill its providential destiny has now realized that we have lessons to learn and mistakes to correct.

For our nation to rise again from the grave, let us remember the motto" United we stand, divided we fall." It's time brothers and sisters to make a united stand if not today then when? It starts by taking out the root cause; Since, he causes it, he (Michael G. Zablan) should resolve it. The fight is not finished yet. The fight continues, with trust and confidence, let us unite with our new Providential National leader, Rev. Rolando Basuil, Jr. for good governance and leadership.

Below are some plausible options in addressing these problems:

1. Michael G. Zablan should willingly step down from his position, go to Korea, met with True Father and with humble and sincere repentful heart, ask for forgiveness;

2. Once forgiven, follow directions and conditions given by True Father

3. Michael G. Zablan should encourage his followers set conditions to return.

May God Bless Us All

K. Lito Sorongon
Iloilo, Philippines 

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