The Words of the Shukerow Family

Mr. Neil Shukerow - A Great American and Loyal Son to True Parents

Gail Paine
March 26, 2008

Neil Shuckerow-Bio

Neil Shuckerow grew up in Ohio and joined the Unification movement during his college years in 1974. Neil was always an activist at heart, caring about the human family, and took part in the peace movement of the 70’s at the famous Kent State rallies. After hearing his first workshop, he would go back to his hometown with his van that had a big peace sign on it, and load up his friends to bring them to the Principle workshops that we had in Ohio at that time. He had two spiritual children who moved into the church community even before he himself moved in!

He was always a team player, having been the linebacker for his high school football team -- his name was called frequently over the loudspeaker at the football games. Being quite large in stature, he was asked early on in his church life to serve as security for Father and Mother at East Garden. While he was at East Garden, he brought a big piece of wood from a Redwood tree that he had gotten in California, and made a beautiful table for Father and Mother. True Parents were so pleased that they guided Neil to establish a furniture factory at the East Sun building in New York. Neil served the providence in this way for some years, until he was asked to go out to Kodiak, AK with his new Blessed Wife, Young Nim, in 1982.

Neil was initially the plant manager of International Seafoods of Alaska, a fish processing plant and soon became the General Manager. The fish business in Alaska is very essential in the providence, and close to True Parent’s heart. His co-workers say that Neil was instrumental in building up the business there, purchasing a second plant, and he also played a key role in winning the hearts of the community of Kodiak. Initially the Kodiak community was hostile and suspicious, yet over time, Father’s image was changed and many people were very happy that the “moonies” were in Kodiak. Neil was a natural businessman and was very valuable for God’s Business providence, he also had a generous heart and would always help people no matter who they were.

Neil engineered the purchase and development of “North Garden” a beautiful lodge and meeting place for True Parents in beautiful Alaska. He also worked to establish “Angel Garden” the day care and church building for the community. Neil and Young Nim stayed and worked hard in Kodiak until 1990, having all four of their children there; Carrie, Patrick, Mathew and Alex.

Neil and his family came to Anchorage in 1990 and within two years established a thriving restaurant called “Twin Dragon.” The Shuckrows were blessed with successful business, and they were known for their generosity. Neil was active on the board of the Anchorage Family Church, and anytime there was something that needed fixing at Anchorage Garden, Neil could be found there lending a helping hand.

Neil Shuckerow is a big hearted, kind brother who made a great difference in his life and will be greatly missed by many, many people. 

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