The Words of the Shiokawa Family

Tokyo YFWP's 5th Global Family Festival

Lorie Shiokawa
April 29, 2008

Tokyo- The 5th Global Family Festival which was sponsored by the Youth Federation for World Peace Japan was successfully held at Sancha Sharenado Bldg near Sanjenchaya station on April 29, 2008. It was attended by around 200 young ones and young once of different nationalities but mostly of Japanese participants. The doors opened at 3 pm and the attendees spent time looking at the photo gallery which exhibited the different projects of YFWP mainly Global Family Project, Global Family Trekking and One Child One Peace Project which benefits the school children in the Philippines.

The main program started at 4 pm and was facilitated by the ever active Director of YFWP-Department of International Affairs Mr. Takanori Todate. The Opening Remarks was given by the YFWP President Mr. Ichiro Inamori. He talked about the growing number of the foreigners in Japan and that the new generation must welcome the multi-cultural society at the present time. He emphasized that we should create One Nation, One Culture, One Family. The next Opening Message was given by the President of the Filipino-Japanese Movement for Global Peace Mrs. Angelita Obara. Mrs. Obara, a Filipino married to a Japanese, who is an active PTA President in her son's school gave a message in straight Japanese language. She thanked the YFWP in their projects which helped a lot of less fortunate children in the Philippines to go to school by scholarships through One Child One Peace Project. She talked also of the beauty of international marriage in which she is a part of.

The OCOP Project was discussed further by the OCOP Coordinator Kaoly Nakamura and the Global Family Project was tackled by Saori Watanabe. Miss Anastasia Backshever of Russia shared her experiences in Global Family Trekking. To break the monotony of the program, Miss Natalia of Russia lead the whole congregation to a game of vocal concert which everyone enjoyed.

Mrs. Maritess Sato who is married to a Japanese and have 2 children and who is now based in the Philippines talked about the results of the One Child One Peace project in the Philippines and the messages of the three beneficiaries of the scholarships who are supposed to be present in the affair but because of VISA problems the arrival in Japan has been delayed.

Mr. Ichiro Inamori presented the Certificates of Appointment as Youth Ambassador for Peace to the President and Vice President for External Affairs of the Filipino-Japanese Movement for Global Peace, Mrs. Angelita Obara and Mrs. Lorelie Shiokawa respectively. It is to encourage the group represented by Ms Obara and Ms Shiokawa to continue their works and activities that are heading to support the Global Peace Festival in Japan. He also presented to Miss Anastasia Backshever the certificate of Global Youth Mate. These certificates were issued by the YFWP and Universal Peace Federation and signed by Dr Rev Sun Myung Moon as the Founder, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon as the Co- Founder and Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon as the President of YFWP- International.

The second part of the program already started at around 6pm. Mr. Todate lead the Global Family Quiz which was participated by everyone and he gave away boxes of chocolates as prizes. Then the entertainment portion had began. The energetic Tong Il Modo group with Filipino members performed a martial arts ballet to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. The Adachi ku Arakawa Japanese choir named True Olive rendered an emotional song titled One Life, One Love. The YFWP members performed a puppet show entitled Umeboshi Man and the children in the audience really loved it as well as the adults.

The main part of the entertainment was a choir in collaboration of the YFWP Japanese members and FJMGP Filipino members who rendered the heart-warming song Bridge of Love. The meaning of the song touched the hearts of everyone and as a finale the choir lead the audience to the singing of the song. Everyone with a smile in their faces waved their hands and stomped their feet as they sang Bridge of Love. The whole event was ended with a group picture taking. (LOS) 

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