The Words of the Seuk Family

Proclaim True Parents

Joon Ho Seuk
March 2, 1990
Newark, New Jersey

Dr. Seuk spoke to an audience of over 200 at Boston University during the Massachusetts Day of Hope Tour.

Yesterday, the day after True Parents' return from Korea, Father gave a talk, entitled "Proclaiming True Parents." It sounds simple, but it contains a very deep meaning. It was billions of years before True Parents could come on the earth. Heavenly Father shed so much sweat, blood and tears and so many lives were sacrificed for True Parents to come on the earth. Still they were not accepted in 1945, though Heavenly Father had prepared much foundation for them.

The United Nations was created as an external form which True Parents could have worked through to build one world under God. But instead True Parents had to go an additional 43-year wilderness course. Now the time has come for us to boldly proclaim True Parents to the world.

After Father's 70th birthday, he had a public speaking tour in Korea. At that time Father called together all the church leaders, business leaders, newspaper staff, and leaders of the Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. Since many of them are not members, in the past we always put up a banner welcoming Rev. Moon. But this time the banner read, "Welcome True Parents". In Korea, "mansei" means victory for the country of Korea. This time the cheers at the end of the meeting were, "Mansei for God, Mansei for our country, and Mansei for True Parents."

So last night in my IOWC speech I was very happy and proud to publicly proclaim True Parents on the same day Father gave that direction, though I felt it was really difficult. There was some spiritual battle going on. People in the first row were constantly moving and bothering me so much. Yesterday was also the commemoration of the Korean Independence Movement from the Japanese regime. All the religious people went beyond their own religious boundaries to fight together against the Japanese. Now we must be a second independence army to restore God's country and world. We must proclaim True Parents boldly and courageously but wisely. We should give lectures on the Principle and God's hope for America clearly and logically so that they cannot deny our explanations. Without this understanding, people will label us as crazy or fanatical if we simply proclaim Rev. Moon as the True Parent.

Last December I was given the opportunity to speak publicly in the Soviet Union on several different occasions, one of which was attended by over 300 people -- almost the same size crowd as we had yesterday. I was cautioned not to say anything about Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, for the KGB was watching me. But still I spoke about Rev. Moon, about the Unification Church and true love everything -- and actually I got a very good response. Afterwards they applauded and asked me for my autograph.

David and Goliath

If we act cowardly, shying away and hiding True Parents, then spiritual world cannot help us. Also we must have absolute determination to always follow True Parents' direction. We can renew our determination through studying True Parents' words. Then spirit world will help us and we can win over the people.

Like David who fought with Goliath, we must do what seems almost impossible when we go to our hometown as a tribal messiah. Your hometown looks like Goliath and you feel so small: "The people seem so sophisticated and I am so simple with only a miserable amount of money in my pocket." With that kind of thinking, instead of influencing them you are swallowed by them. After entering Canaan, the Israelites should have fulfilled their responsibility to influence the Canaanites and then establish God's nation. But instead, they envied the Canaanites for their intelligence, their houses, and their appearance. They forgot completely to create one nation under God, so they were destroyed.

God's effort to restore one nation has been a full-time job. Father too has many full-time jobs to establish one nation for God. No matter what our mission is for True Parents, our full-time attitude and job must be to restore one nation. I am always deeply inspired by the utmost sincerity of True Parents to Heaven. If we invest our utmost sincerity in both our public mission and our tribal messiahship, then Heavenly Father and spirit world will be moved and we can fulfill our responsibility.

Father declared the Day of Settlement of Eight Stages of Indemnity on August 30, 1989, and on September 1st he declared the new era of Parentism. In this new era, we should be clear about proclaiming True Parents as parents of all mankind. They are to be the kings of the restored nation of God and we will become princes and princesses.

If established Christianity had accepted True Parents in 1945, within seven years Father would have influenced the whole world. This period, 1985-1992, is a similar time to that of 1945-1952. It's like a miracle. We are finally in the last stage of God's Providence. Like a boxing champion fighting in his last round, we must make our best effort now.

Spiritual Children Are Our Pride

In 1991 we are going to have the World Cultural Festival in Korea during which many thousands of people are to participate in a Blessing. Father expects every blessed couple to send three spiritual children to be blessed. Anyone who is determined to follow True Parents and to inherit God's blood lineage, love and life can be eligible for the Blessing after they attend a 40-day workshop. They don't have to wait for 3 or 7 years.

The beauty of witnessing is that your spiritual children will be multiplied. If you spend this time making money, money may not multiply in this way and you could even become bankrupt. But once we have blessed spiritual children, they will multiply into an eternal spiritual lineage. Our pride in the spiritual world is our spiritual children. When you go to heaven and stand before God, what can you be proud of? "I used to be president of a big business"? "I am a graduate of theological seminary and have a doctorate degree from Harvard, Yale or Princeton"? No! You can only point to your spiritual children and say, "This is proof of my sweat, blood, and tears, my prayers and my work on earth."

From now on we should not follow True Parents hesitantly. Father has paid all the indemnity. Now he must take a rest and we must be in the forefront, not just following behind. Our conviction and determination must be that we are the body of God: "God is together with me. I attend God every day in my heart. My body is God's body, my arm is God's arm, my leg is God's leg. I am a representative of God, of True Parents, and of all mankind." Then Satan will surrender. True Parents cannot go to your hometown, therefore he sends you as his representative. "To restore my hometown or my campus is my responsibility, not someone else's. I'm the son or daughter of God and True Parents, so God's country and True Parents' country is my country."

History starts from parents -- they mold the root of mankind. Adam and Eve "married" without God's approval and became false parents passing on Satan's love, life, and blood lineage. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were teenagers; so now in the Last Days, teenagers are in a fallen state. We are called by God to save young people.

Harmony of Mind and Body

The motto of this campaign, "Return of American Youth to a New Christianity", contains the words "New Christianity." Christianity today is thinking only about individual salvation while we are thinking about world salvation. True Christianity means following the course that Jesus gave to us, not the easy going way of life of many modern Christians -- living out their desires during the week and then going to church on Sunday to ask God's blessing.

This year Father gave the motto "Unification of My Country." Unification of my country starts from unification of myself -- mind and body -- first and then unity between husband and wife, parents and children. Yet mind and body, husband and wife, often fight because of selfishness.

A few years ago, I had an opportunity to visit Hyun Jin Nim's campus with Mother and some of the True Children. We went to a fine beautiful restaurant called Burger King. True Mother ordered a Whopper Jr. for me because True Mother knows I don't eat very much. That day Mother was really like a warm, pure mother, rather than very dignified like the grand wife of the Messiah, and I felt very close to her. She gently questioned each person there. She asked me if I had ever argued with my wife. I answered, "Of course, Mother." Mother was not upset by that answer, she smiled, but later, I felt sorry and said, "We are fighting for a constructive purpose." There should be harmony between the couple. But if fighting is necessary, fight only for a good public purpose.

During his speech on his 70th birthday, Father said, "My goal in life has been to resolve the resentment of God." Resentment has some negative connotation in English so perhaps "grief," "sorrow," "suffering," or "heartbreak" are better words than "resentment." "My purpose in living has been to liberate God from His sorrow, loneliness and anguish. This has been the fundamental motivation for all that I have done in these last 70 years." He has been working to liberate mankind in the same way.

Change Our Selfishness

We have additional responsibility to not only liberate God from His suffering, but also to liberate True Parents from their suffering and hardships. One day Won Pil Kim testified that a 10-year member gave 10 years of burden and headache to True Parents and a 30-year member gave headache and pain to True Father for 30 years. We should be sons and daughters of God who can comfort and help True Parents, not discourage or hurt them.

Father concluded by saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, we begin this new year of 1990 with great hope. I pray that God's blessing and good fortune will be in all of your homes. Let me end my message at this event offered to God by inviting all of you to do away with selfishness, practice a life of living for others, and be leaders in the vanguard of building a new century of world peace." If we have not changed our selfishness in the past, from now on we should daily practice living for the sake of others. A lifestyle of conveying God's love and the Principle through witnessing produces happiness.

Finally, our Father said we are to be leaders in the vanguard for world peace, leading young people to the new Christianity. We must have a clear understanding that we are sons and daughters of God and True Parents and that restoring my country is my responsibility. True Parents' nation is my nation. With that kind of determination, we cultivate the attitude that we are the seed to establish new roots for new trees that are hearty enough to withstand the strongest winds.

We cannot plant a seed in a nice looking place. A seed must be planted in the soil with smelly fertilizer. In a similar way, we must go deep into the worst parts of society and absorb the problems, much as roots absorb fertilizer. It may be dangerous, but if we become one with God then no matter where we go we are walking with God and are God's representative. We could then save the Mafia, drug addicts, prostitutes, and so on. If we are going to restore those who are in a miserable situation, we must experience a miserable life. Otherwise, we cannot reach their hearts. Even now Father is willing to go to another prison -- that is Father's determination. We must be willing to become the seed and go down to the bottom of society in order to build a deep root.

It has been my special blessing to attend Hyo Jin Nim. He's really determined to become one with God and True Parents. His name means "march of filial piety" and he is always making his best effort to become the son of filial piety. Here's one small example. When we went to a California workshop for one day he wanted to go to Death Valley where Father had blessed a Holy Ground in the lowest point above ground in the Western hemisphere, 282 feet below sea level. Hyo Jin Nim went to that place as a symbol of the death of Hell to make a strong determination to overcome death. When we arrived there, there was no water, only salt beds that were white like snow. We walked very quickly for half an hour and still we were only in the middle of the lake. Hyo Jin Nim said, "Let's have individual prayer."

Hyo Jin Nim's Prayer

As Hyo Jin Nim began to pray I was very quiet so that I could hear the contents of his prayer. Hyo Jin Nim always feels that no matter what he does, it is not enough, so how can he report to True Parents -- he has nothing to be proud of. His prayer is more personal, but he would not report to True Parents "Oh, I said this in prayer." So I listened for True Parents. Hyo Jin Nim prayed so deeply with tears and at great length -- I had never heard such a deep prayer with so many tears. He prayed, "I want to take the burden from You and True Parents. I want to be the son of filial piety and a responsible person. l want to go any place to restore it to You." When we returned to East Garden and I reported all of this, True Parents looked so happy. They were both wearing big smiles. They are so proud that he is growing and becoming a true son, so loyal to True Parents.

When Father was young, he wanted to do all the things we want to do. But because Father sacrificed his entire youth, even enduring life in prison, he is honored and respected by God and the people of the present and the past. People in the future will also respect his effort and accomplishments. He will live in the hearts of young people always. Father wants us to live that kind of life so we can be honored and respected by God and True Parents, our ancestors and our descendants. Your descendants will study your life: "My parents who followed True Parents, the Messiah of all mankind, what did they do?"

Heung Jin Nim lived only 16 or 17 years on this earth. Father was so sorrowful that his son passed into spiritual world. After True Parents first saw him at the hospital, Father comforted Mother and told her, "You had better take a rest." Then he turned to me and asked, "How are your members?" At that very serious moment as his son was dying, Father was still totally concerned for everyone else. Only one time Father showed tears publicly, and that was when Heung Jin Nim's body disappeared from sight after the Sunghwa Ceremony at Belvedere. Father cried as he waved good-by to his son's body. Father is proud of Heung Jin Nim. With his foundation of true love, there is no barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds.

This is why we must plant the seed of love here by living for the sake of others and receiving God's love. Let us become those whom God and True Parents can be proud of. Thank you for coming today. 

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