The Words of the Seuk Family

WCARP's Mission and Pride

Joon Ho Seuk
December 4, 1983

When Father left for Korea, he said to everyone Please work hard. Father himself always works harder than any other members.

Father's Tradition

So Father worked virtually 24 hours, sleeping only few hours. This is not unusual day for Father; he works in this fashion every day. Father always pushes himself to work harder on the frontline. Father said that one of his missions is to establish the heavenly tradition, to practice it in his daily life, and to educate us in this tradition. We must inherit that tradition.

1. The main tradition Father teaches us is absolute loyalty, obedience and filial piety to God. True Parents are the visible substantiation of God. So we must have the absolute unity with them. Jericho's wall was not broken down because of shouting, but rather, because of united hearts. With this unity in heart evil can be destroyed.

2. Another tradition Father is teaching us is to live for the sake of others. What is the ultimate goal of our life? Individually, our primary goal is to become a true son or daughter of God. Who is the true son and daughter of God? It is the person who lives for the sake of others. God created human beings to live for the sake of others, not for themselves. Even parts of our body are made for others.

3. Our value is increased when we live for higher purposes. The individual lives for the sake of the family, the family lives for the tribe, the tribe exist for the nation, and the nation for the world. The world exists for God. Then God's love will return to us. God and humanity are the highest purpose. Therefore, to live for the sake of God and humanity is the greatest purpose of our lives. The person who lives this principle is called a true son or daughter of god. That is the tradition is teaching us.

4. Who will be the mainstream of our movement? Father clearly stated that the person who is the most sacrificial will be the mainstream of the Unification Church. The most sacrificial one should be the leader of our movement. True Abel is the one who is most serving and sacrificial.

Father told the missionaries that if they get financial help from headquarters or Father, their mission will not prosper. In order to prosper, they should have the desire to help headquarters with donations. We must establish the tradition on our own. We must make members and money by ourselves, then Satan cannot take them from us.

CARP is the microcosm of the Unification Movement. Centering on college campuses, we are doing all the varied activities of the Movement. It is Father's desire and our desire to set the tradition for our Movement. We are willing to pay indemnity more than anybody else. We are determined to sacrifice ourselves the most and work the hardest.

When you become 60 or 70 years old, you will tell your stories of the "early days " Our sacrifice and suffering will be our eternal treasure and will inspire thousands of others. Our life will be eternally honored and respected. Father wants us to create that kind of history, that kind of historical record.

CARP has great assets

Our standard is to never ask Father for money or for manpower. Father started the Unification Movement with no money, yet he has established a worldwide foundation all by himself. We will raise more money even to help Father financially. We will bring more members to help the whole Unification Movement.

All of our activities should have put witnessing as their primary objective. Without having a front line spirit and activities, we cannot justify our mission in CARP.


True Parents expect us to establish a new tradition, both internally for our movement, and externally. We will set a firm standard and strong tradition of righteousness and fighting spirit, incorporated with heart and love. We will give hope and inspiration to True Parents and to our family members.

Father said that we are the tip of the spear to pierce the heart of the world. The tip of the spear is the sharpest and hardest part; it leads the rest of the spear to its target, and pierces the heart.

Let us unite together in love and heart. Let us demonstrate our absolute determination and conviction, let us bring the greatest victory and glory to God and our True Parents in this last three year course in the wilderness. 

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