The Words of the Seuk Family

Tongil-Moo-Do (TIMD) instructors and members meeting with Joon Ho Seuk

Takamitsu Hoshiko
May 4, 2013

Dear TIMD instructors and members in Japan,

Thank you for all your support and effort to promote TIMD in Japan.

I would like to invite you to our special meeting with Dr. Joon Ho Seuk. In his busy schedule, he would like to spare special time for us in Tokyo in June 2(Sun), 2013.

His last visit was in June 24(Sun), 2006, and more than 20 participants, mostly TIMD instructors and students from Philippines, welcomed him and had the dinner with him in Tokyo. During the dinner meeting, Master Joelimar Juliano reported to Dr. Seuk about his teaching TIMD to more than 60 young children of the second generation in Mie prefecture, Dr. Seuk was very inspired and stressed upon teaching TIMD to the second generation in Japan.

This is the second meeting with Dr. Seuk in Japan. It will be very special opportunity for you to meet and be connected with him. Let us take advantage of this chance to make new start of TIMD in Japan with all your support. Please refer to the following for detail:

Date: June 2(Sun), 2013


Time: 18:30pm~21:30pm

Fee: 1,750 Yen for Bento (Shouka Do Bento)

Please let me know how many of you can attend the meeting. If you have any question, please feel free to call or send the email to me.


Takamitsu Hoshiko
President of WTMF Japan 

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