The Words of the Seuk Family

Foundation Day

Joon Ho Seuk
December 2012
International Vice-President

During True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony, our international president Hyung Jin Moon mentioned that True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven will proclaim Foundation Day. With Father in heaven and Mother on earth, Foundation Day will be a grand event in which representatives of all humankind, including those in the spirit world, will participate in celebrating the cosmic holy wedding of God, and True Parents' holy wedding at the completion level.

The providential significance of Foundation Day can be expressed in the following points: First, its significance lies in its being the occasion of God's holy wedding and True Parents' holy wedding on the completion level.

Second, on this day when everyone will receive the blessing again, all blessed families are to inherit God's heart and "absolute sex" [absolute sexual ethics] and return to being God's children and family. Now is the era of return [to God]. True Parents have said that the word "return" is indeed precious. We must all return to True Parents' realm of heart, attend God and True Parents and live together as God's and True Parents' sons and daughters, and as brothers and sisters. Living together is not about receiving, but about giving of ourselves and teaching others. To do this, we must all return to True Parents' realm of heart, be restored as God's family and begin anew.

Third, Foundation Day is the day when all blessed families achieve their mission as tribal messiahs and participate in the blessing ceremony with their tribes.

Fourth, Foundation Day is the first day, marking the start of Cheon Il Guk in substance. Simply put, it is the day where one family under God will begin. In order to substantially establish Cheon Il Guk -- one family under God -- blessed marriage, the eight heavenly texts and the heavenly culture of heart must take root.... To prepare the foundation for the substantial establishment of Cheon Il Guk, we must all fulfill the missions and responsibilities bestowed upon us as tribal messiahs. This also includes fulfilling our parallel responsibility and mission toward the Abel UN and Abel Women UN.

On 6.25 by the heavenly calendar (August 12 by the Gregorian calendar), after he returned to Cheon Jeong Gung from Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, True Father said, four times, "I have accomplished everything." The following day, True Father prayed, twice, in a prayer concluding his whole life on earth, "I have accomplished everything." The prayer also included:

Today, as I have returned the conclusion of the final perfection to You, Father, I am aware that I have offered my whole life, up to this moment, to You, Father. I now take this concluding time with Jeong Seong to bring my life to a conclusion in accordance with Your will.

True Father truly offered his entire life to God.... We would all agree that True Father's ascension represented, without doubt, his life and death resolve and total investment to fight for true love. True Father voluntarily chose the thorny path and trod the path of a pioneer. He often spoke about starting this path with suffering and ending it in the same way, and he truly practiced that. Even though True Father is God's substantial self, he is human and could not escape the four phases of life -- "birth, old age, sickness and death."

True Father was incarcerated several times and endured excruciating torture that caused him to vomit blood and his bones and flesh to shudder. The injuries affected him physically for the rest of his life. On top of this, misunderstanding, persecution and the secular world's contempt pained him greatly. Our lack of loyalty and filial impiety only added to this.

Most notably, because we could not fulfill our responsibilities, True Father continuously overworked himself, keeping a full schedule that would severely challenge an ordinary person. We should naturally come to tears of repentance in front of our True Father, who on account of us has had to walk a sacrificial and thorny path.

Just in this year alone, True Father visited the United States four times at the age of ninety-three. True Father would overcome the jet lag he was experiencing and completely invest himself, without sleeping, into crucial aspects of the providence. Wherever he went, True Father never rested but reached out to us to teach even one point he had prepared through deep devotion.

As you all well know, it was also quite common for True Father to conduct a rally or large assembly as soon as he returned to Korea. Through such occasions, True Father showed us that true love is more important than our physical lives. True love alone was the reason he fought with life and death resolve to fulfill his fateful mission to liberate God and save humankind. True Father showed the world through his own life that true love itself is a subjective driving force that can transcend our physical lives and declared strongly to us that we should also live for the sake of true love.

True Father's ascension was a noble sacrifice in itself. A completed, substantial Cheon Il Guk is a heaven and earth in which two people become one centered on true love and God's word -- a world of alignment with noon where no sins or fallen nature can be found.

Unfortunately we are still far from this ideal in reality. True Father who came as the Savior of humanity the Messiah, and the Lord at his Second Coming, received the call from Heaven to save humankind. Ever since that time, he has responded to this call through Jeong Seong and continuous effort with a life and death resolve and fighting spirit. However, because we are not liberated from all fallen nature, fallen habits and our various sins, we are still facing many difficulties today. Amid such a challenging situation, with the approach of Foundation Day when a new age will begin, True Father sacrificed his precious body in our place, for the sake of all people.

The Little Angels 50th Anniversary Performance at the Sejong Cultural Center in Seoul, November 7

True Father's ascension was thus preparation for our greatest hope -- Foundation Day. True Father had wished that our Unificationist community, formed through True Father's superhuman resolve and effort, would prepare well for Foundation Day by practicing his teachings and true love, by living a life based on the three great blessings and by fulfilling our missions as tribal messiahs, disseminating God and True Parents' teachings and will. However, we have not been able to prepare for Foundation Day according to the standard True Parents set. Now that True Father has transitioned to the spirit world, he can work with all our members, transcending time, space and all physical barriers and personally come to people all over the world in various situations.

In addition, the blessed families, the five great saints, and billions of good spirits and angels who well know True Father's position and value will move together with True Father between the physical and spiritual worlds. True Father will be able to conduct the providence multi-dimensionally at the same time. For this reason, during the special assembly, True Mother explained that True Father will conduct the providence with the spiritual world as his base, while freely moving to and fro between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Furthermore, True Father's ascension is directly connected to the occasion of Foundation Day. By carrying out the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind 2013, True Father and True Mother are allowing Foundation Day to become the starting point and basis of the substantial Cheon Il Guk on the level of the cosmos. As such, Foundation Day is the starting point of the era of the substantial Cheon Il Guk on the cosmic level, where the spiritual and physical worlds work together simultaneously. Thus, during his Seonghwa Address, our international president said, "True Mother on earth and True Father in heaven shall simultaneously proclaim the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk." I believe this will be the opportunity to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners centered on true love, as it says in pledge number 5, and to further accelerate our development.

Considering these points, we should deeply repent and cleanse ourselves from our different sins, fallen nature and fallen habits while resolving to become Cheon Il Guk's citizens who practice true love and apply the word.

Brothers and sisters, what do you think True Father, who is in the spirit world, desires the most from us? I am confident that what True Father expects from us the most is that we become one, vertically, with True Mother. That is because True Mother has follow the course of the True Parents of humankind with True Father, overcoming all kinds of suffering and hardship and investing complete effort and Jeong Seong along this path. Through this process, True Mother could reach the position of one heart, one body, one mind-set, one harmony and one center with True Father's mission and life.

That is why it is important that we understand True Mother's noble and unique value, mission and life well. Let us understand why we should become one with True Mother and why we should absolutely follow her and attend her.

To begin with, True Father and True Mother alone received the heavenly call to become the True Parents of humankind. Therefore, True Father and True Mother's position, mission, and role are unique, eternal and unchanging within the framework of human history.

Furthermore, it is True Mother who made True Father the True Parent of Humankind. Without True Mother's position, mission and the life she has lived, True Father could not have become the True Parent of Humankind and would have remained in the same position as Jesus -- that is, he would have been the Savior, Messiah, and returning Lord. In order to achieve the substantial trinity with God, True Father absolutely needed True Mother. Furthermore, the resurrection of humankind through blessed marriage is possible only when True Father and True Mother stand together as the True Parents.

Thus, True Mother and True Father have realized ultimate oneness. True Mother has participated substantially with True Father as he carried out his mission and conducted the providence. True Mother thus understands True Father's mission, heart, and circumstances more deeply than any other person does, and was able to become one him, walking with him on the path of God's will. On this foundation, True Father and True Mother were able to reach oneness in heart, body, and mind-set and create one harmony and one center.

Moreover, True Mother, having become one with True Father through true love centered on God, gained the right of equality; the right to live together, and the right of holding the same position as True Father. During the special meeting, True Mother said, "I have dedicated my life, sharing the joys and pains of life with True Father as his companion, overcoming innumerable trials and difficulties. On that victorious foundation, we, the True Parents, gained, in a providential dimension, the right of equality, the right to live together, and the right of holding the same position bestowed on us by Heaven." Looking from this perspective, we must understand True Mother's position and authority. We must be aware that True Mother's words are God and True Father's words.

Brothers and sisters, let us make True Father's ascension an opportunity to reflect deeply upon ourselves, to repent for our past, to consider how we are doing in the present; an opportunity for us to resolve to accomplish God's will and to absolutely attend True Father in the spirit world and True Mother on earth. While True Father was fighting his illness, True Mother earnestly appealed to us, "For us there is no stopping!" We should be determined to begin anew the task of showing the world the identity mission and great vision of Unificationism.

In that light, at that special meeting in September, True Mother gave us four directions on how to establish Cheon Guk substantially:

First, we must absolutely value the tradition established by True Parents as much as we value our own lives, and pass this down to our descendants, the future generations.... Second, we must complete the ideal of the blessed family with which Heaven has blessed us... Third, you have all received the blessing of being tribal messiahs. This you must work to fulfill that mission and responsibility until the time that Cheon Il Guk is completed on Earth... Fourth, all of us must create a community based on the culture of heart characterized by harmony and unity with True Parents and the True Family at the center.

If we, the community of blessed families, practice what True Mother has earnestly asked of us, we will be able to participate more fully in God's providence and will receive even greater heavenly fortune and blessing. True Father in the spirit world and True Mother on earth are one body centered on God, and God's new providence will be conducted in a unified manner in both heaven and on earth.

Recently True Mother emphasized to leaders and top executives from the headquarters that "the Unification Church must become the state religion within the next twenty years." This direction is based on the fact that during his third visit to America this year, True Father said that the Unification Church should become the state religion. True Mother has said that it will be difficult to realize this goal in our present state and that we must return to the spirit of the early days of our church. The next three years will be a time of urgency and a time where we should live up to that standard through our practice, while investing everything with a life and death resolve.

True Mother emphasized that the church must be full of life and love and a place where the Holy Spirit, the truth, the word, and the heart become one. True Mother appealed to us to build a church where the Divine Principle will continuously flow every day, where many new people join, and where so many who have waited long for the blessing will come forward to receive it. She also appealed to all members to build a church where God's word never ceases to be given, a church filled with life not only on Sunday but twenty-four hours each day, a church where members would long to come and hear the teachings, and would never want to leave; a church that would fight to save one more life.

True Mother underlined that the revival of our church must be conducted through witnessing, and that we must focus our strength on training future leaders, on educating our second generation members and on witnessing to young people. True Mother directed us to thoroughly educate our second generation members to stand upright in front of Heaven, to bring young people to become members, and focus on witnessing to and educating students attending school and university.

True Mother wants to make True Father known to the world, and to proudly show God and humanity how rapidly the Unification Church is prospering. She wants to show the world that True Father is the Savior, the Lord at his Second Coming, the Messiah and the King of Kings of all humankind. Yet unfortunately, he doesn't have a people now. This is our sadness and pain. That is why True Mother has directed us to completely immerse ourselves into witnessing with a fighting heart and life or death resolve....

True Father and True Mother have reached the position of having one heart, one body, one mind-set, one harmony and one center. Now, because they are always together twenty-four hours a day, they have become inseparable. True Father has ascended to the spirit world, but because he freely comes to the earth plane and conducts the providence, he and Mother are now forming a unified body. We must therefore be aware that True Mother's words are True Father's words and True Mother's directions are True Father's directions. And when we offer a bow, we will see True Mother in the flesh but True Parents are there together, so we can offer the bow to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Beloved blessed families, let us all put our greatest effort into witnessing for the start of the substantial Cheon Il Guk -- a world of one family under God -- as we walk toward the victory of Foundation Day. As True Mother's children, who understand the anguish Mother experiences as she conducts this immense providence, let's all become children remembered by Heaven and completely fulfill our filial duty in absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Let us become blessed families who maintain our honor by attending True Parents and fulfilling all of our given responsibilities and missions.

I hope we can become proud blessed families who can make this new start with a firm conviction and determination, and proud Unification Church members. 

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