The Words of the Seuk Family

Preparing for Foundation Day

Joon Ho Seuk
November 2011
President of the Unification Church in Korea and international vice-president of the Unification Church
Tongil Segye

Through the Cosmic Assemblies for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self, True Parents have completed, perfected and concluded all aspects of the providence of salvation, and now they are free to rest. However, they are still managing many providential projects and offering strong conditions in order to lighten our load and responsibility and to victoriously prepare for and welcome Foundation Day.

Among several points that True Parents emphasize, the Hoon Dok Hae tradition is primary. To establish the Hoon Dok Hae tradition, True Parents have held many Hoon Dok Hae sessions, the longest of which ran to twenty-three and a half hours.

At a recent Hoon Dok Hae session at Cheon Jeong Gung that lasted sixteen and a half hours, True Father did not take even one sip of water. He did not go to the bathroom even once. On that occasion, I thought I would offer the same kind of condition as True Father was offering, so I also did not go to the bathroom. I did not have an easy time of it at all. It was physically very difficult. True Father, however, commonly holds such long Hoon Dok Hae sessions, and sometimes he endures even longer ones. True Father, who is now over ninety years of age, spares no effort when it comes to Hoon Dok Hae. This is so that True Parents can establish the Hoon Dok Hae tradition and establish strong conditions.

True Parents have told us that the most precious and yet most fearsome thing of all is offering conditions. In this regard, True Parents have taken it upon themselves to follow a path of suffering, living each day as if to accomplish what might take a thousand years, for the sake of God's providence. They are persevering through indescribable throes of anguish, hardship and suffering, and they are struggling forward on their path. They are doing their utmost to lay the foundation so that Foundation Day can be celebrated triumphantly.

In the course of this, they have opened the way to the Original Divine Principle (ODP) workshop. Father has mentioned that we need to attend the workshop at least five times. True Parents have instructed that thirteen thousand ambassadors for peace from all parts of the world be brought together in Las Vegas so that they can attend the ODP workshop, and they have even prepared educational facilities for this. A few days before they left for Korea, True Parents also instructed that three thousand American clergymen be brought to Las Vegas to attend the workshop.

True Parents have also bestowed on us great blessings by permitting us to liberate and bless our ancestors in the spirit world to the 210th generation. Following the Unification Seunghwa Festival and Rally held in Hawaii on 2.25 [April 9, 2010] last year, True Parents permitted the special grace of the liberation and returning resurrection of all in the spirit world since Adam, and gave the order for the total mobilization of all spirits in preparation for Foundation Day. The declaration made on that day was based on many decades of True Parents' providential work. The grace of the liberation and the blessing of the 210 generations bestowed on us by True Parents will take place through the spiritual work being done under Heung Jin nim and Dae-mo nim at the Chung Pyung training center.

On 9.27 [October 23, 2011] Blessing Ceremonies for our ancestors belonging to the final group, 204-210 generations, began. In addition, the Holy Wedding of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind will be held in preparation for Foundation Day. True God's Day is now the first day of the first month by the heavenly calendar. This will also be True Parents' birthday, when True Mother will celebrate her seventieth birthday. On that day our True Parents will also perform the completion-stage Holy Wedding. The formation-stage Holy Wedding was performed in 1960, the growth-stage ceremony on February 6, 2003. True Parents will complete the Holy Wed- ding as the embodiments of God, and therefore it will also be God's Holy Wedding. True Parents have said that if God's Holy Wedding is held, blessed couples should also receive the blessing again.

Dr. Seuk (right) and senior church headquarters staff members at a meeting on November 9, 2011 (Photo was taken from behind Father; Kook Jin nim is to Father's left.)

When True Parents visited Nigeria, True Father admonished President Jonathan to inherit the heavenly tradition, inherit the heavenly lineage and to resemble God, for the sake of his people. These are not points that Father would emphasize only to the president of a nation. Indeed he has reemphasized these many times during Hoon Dok Hae since then. That inheritance includes True Parents' tradition of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. It means the traditions of loyalty, of keeping the traditions of Ahn Shill and Hoon Dok Hae.

We must then inherit Heaven's lineage and preserve it in its entirety. Heaven's lineage can only be inherited through the blessing. More than their own lives, our blessed members must protect the pure lineage Heaven has given them.

We must also resemble God. God is a God of heart. It was because of His heart that God was motivated to begin creation. That is why we must first resemble God's heart. We must stand in a position of having perfecting the four great realms of heart, inheriting God's heart and practicing true love.

We must return to God's and True Parents' realm of heart. We are not living in the era of restoration but the era of returning. True Parents have spoken about this concept of "returning." It means living in interdependence with our brothers and sisters while sharing bonds of true love. I am talking about an altruistic concept of interdependence, a world of interdependence where each is motivated by true love to go to the other.

To enter this new era, True Parents have told us that we should discard our old "clothes" of the past and wear new ones. We should get rid of all the narrow-minded habits and ways of thinking embedded in the inertia of the past, and arm ourselves with new habits, a new way of thinking, new concepts based on the tradition established by True Parents.

True Parents have also said that we must convert the right of ownership. Everything has been under Satan's ownership. It is nothing more than stolen property. Therefore, the right of ownership should revert back to Heaven.

Furthermore, blessed members need to fulfill the last mission given us by God while we are still on earth; that is, we need to fulfill our mission as tribal messiahs. We must always maintain a humble attitude and model conduct in front of the members of our clan. We must pray for them sincerely and serve them. True Parents have told us repeatedly that we need to witness to 430 couples. Recently they said that we need to guide at least forty couples to the blessing. We should work hard to fulfill this responsibility and receive the blessing again with nothing but joy and pride in our hearts.

Some time ago, True Mother visited the Korean church headquarters. Among the few things she said on her visit was a point central to us, "Our Unification Church needs people." In other words, she meant that we needed to witness. One of the things most emphasized by True Parents is the restoration of sovereignty. Ultimately this will only be possible when we have large numbers of members who are mature in their character. Therefore, our task is witnessing. Accordingly, we should focus on witnessing to others to fulfill our mission as tribal messiahs, which God gives us as our greatest grace and responsibility.

Nowadays in Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents, we are reading speeches that Father gave in the early 1970s. Father gave those speeches about forty years ago, but they don't seem at all dated, because they fit the present situation so perfectly. True Father has pointed out several times during Hoon Dok Hae, "This is what you need to hear right now." The gist of those speeches read at Hoon Dok Hae is "Let us go through this final stage with conviction, faith and courage." At present, our Unification Church family is preparing for the most important celebration of all history; yet, at the same time, it is facing a great internal crisis that has plunged members into confusion and indecision. We need to overcome all the problems and hardships in front of us with firm conviction, faith and courage under Heaven.

Brothers and sisters, we have lived our lives serving True Parents and working for the providence. However, when we look back on our record and achievements, we cannot help feeling sorry and small in front of True Parents. Therefore, we need to make the best use of time that Heaven permits us before Foundation Day.

In the case of an Olympic athlete, even if he fails to set a new world record, he will have another opportunity to try again. For us, however, there will be no second chance. This is our only opportunity. It will never be given to us again.

My beloved church leaders and church members, Foundation Day will come only once in human history. Do you understand how serious our situation is, how it is a cross between a blessing and a curse? We cannot take any step lightly. During this preparation for Foundation Day, everything we do -- the vows we make to Heaven, the prayers we offer, and the activities we carry out -- will go down in history. During the remaining period, we should do our utmost to set the best record of our lives. Let us give encouragement to one another and march forward together to attain the best achievements in history.

We can do it! Let us become proud Unification Church members, strong blessed families, devoted and loyal sons and daughters who can stake our lives and give everything we have to bring this providence to a successful conclusion.

May the blessings and love of God and True Parents be with your families and churches. 

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