The Words of the Seuk Family

True Parents' Providential Accomplishments

Joon Ho Seuk
June 2011

True Parents at the event in Las Vegas on May 21, presenting a $50,000 donation to the Salvation Army

Dr. Seuk is the international vice-president of the Unification Church. This was taken from a prepared speech he gave in Seoul not long after True Parents returned to Korea after their speaking tour.

True Parents traveled across the world with hearts desiring to give rebirth to humanity, completely disregarding their physical limitations. They conveyed words of life, words of love, words of rebirth. In the Hoon Dok Hae session held on the day after the event in Korea, right before their departure, True Father showed his boundless compassion and love for humanity by declaring that True Parents would do their utmost to establish "a world of harmonious communication and mutual understanding" as God had originally envisioned in His ideal, and that they would not give up on anyone but would educate every per# son on earth until each one could reach that original standard. They went on to emphasize that all human beings must be able to return to the original homeland. True Parents set out to meet the people of the world with the heart of parents yearning keenly to restore their lost children.

True Parents world tour course to ten nations began with a conference in Korea and extended over eight countries in Europe, finally ending with the convention in Las Vegas. It was carried out with such solemn resolution and determination, and I cannot help feeling truly grateful for its successful conclusion.

How difficult it must have been for True Father, who has seen more than ninety winters, to overcome long hours in airplanes, differences in time zones and climate, in addition to giving long speeches to large audiences! It is a schedule that would be challenging even for a young and healthy person.

When soccer players or other athletes are scheduled to compete in other countries, they need to arrive at the site a few days earlier to adapt themselves to the environment in order to do well in the competition. It is logical and natural to do so. As you may know, however, True Parents have lived their whole lives in anxiety and tension, counting every second, and they have always overturned ordinary ways way of thinking and behavior and worked at the forefront in spite of adverse circumstances. Theirs have been lives of sublime sacrifice that move us to tears, and we cannot help feeling put to shame by their painful life courses.

Now, however, True Parents have completed, perfected and concluded their ultimate unity and fulfilled all of their responsibilities and missions on earth. On the foundation of having achieved everything, they have been firmly established with authority and prestige as the King of Kings and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. As the substantial embodiments of God, they are personally governing us and speaking to us. The final and ultimate declaration that can complete their great and noble work and conclude the history of the providence of restoration and establish the Cheon Il Guk ideal is the Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self.

Having completely and ultimately fulfilled the providence, what remains for True Parents now is to make their declaration on January 13, 2013, Foundation Day. They are offering Jeong Seong and investing all their effort for that day of hopes and dreams. We should also be doing our utmost, looking straight ahead and marching forward with all our being. 

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