The Words of the Seuk Family

Connecting with True Parents' heart

Joon Ho Seuk
May 21, 2010
120-day Workshop participants

Returning to Korea on March 18, after holding the Seunghwa Festivals in the United States, True Father said, "I'm not coming to Korea to rest. I am coming to fire up the nation. I have come to light a fire with the word and with the spirit."

And after their arrival today, on the way to Cheon Jeong Peace Palace, Father mentioned again how we must mobilize the spirit world and said, "We must offer Jeong Seong. People need to long for their spiritual homeland and for their True Parents." Father also said that to bring enlightenment to Korea, "people should educate themselves by studying the Hoon Dok textbooks." He emphasized, "The textbooks need to take root in each household." Therefore, based on the textbooks we need to enlighten and stimulate the people of the world to bring about a revolution of heart and of the word....

True Parents are more serious than they have ever been before. From the day they arrived in Las Vegas to May 9, the day on which the event was held, True Parents stayed up night after night, continuously setting conditions. Their hearts were filled only with seriousness, impatience and desperation.

Brothers and sisters, why should True Parents be the only ones to feel so serious and desperate? Is the providential task and will of God only the work of True Parents and no one else? Just like True Parents, who are standing at the forefront of the providence with a serious, impatient and desperate heart that others do not understand, we all need to endeavor to be at the forefront of the providence. We need to open our hearts to True Parents and offer our prayer and Jeong Seong. If we do so, the spirit world will definitely be with us and work through us.

As we mobilize the spirit world, we must fulfill our responsibilities as blessed families. What are those responsibilities?

First, we need to root Hoon Dok Hae in our households, based on these textbooks, thus inheriting true love. Second, we need to fulfill our portion of responsibility centering on absolute sexual ethics and lead lives that cast no shadow of sin and form true families. Third and last, we need to fulfill our mission as tribal messiahs.

The mission of tribal messiahs is to educate four hundred and thirty families, who surround you like a protective enclosure, starting with three families and moving on to twelve, thirty-six, and so forth, and to witness to them and have them receive the blessing. True Parents have made their autobiography available to us as the means by which to fulfill our mission as tribal messiahs. All blessed families should distribute four hundred and thirty copies of the autobiography and guide their tribes, clans, neighbors and others to the providence, and move them and inspire them through the teachings and the lives of True Parents, educating them and witnessing to them through the textbooks, and finally bringing them to receive the holy blessing 

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