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The Meaning of the 10.14 True Parents' Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

Joon Ho Seuk
October 11, 2009

The following has been taken from a speech International Vice President and Korean church president Dr. Joon Ho Seuk gave at Holy Wine Ceremonies held on October 11, 12 and 13 in preparation for the 10.14 True Parents' Cosmic Blessing Ceremony.

True Parents, who have celebrated True Father's ninetieth birthday and the fiftieth anniversary of their Holy Wedding this year, have bestowed on us three great blessings: first, they have opened the way for Cain and Abel to unite; second, they have allowed us the realm of grace, wherein fallen people can be restored into perfected human beings of the original state, not related in any way to the Fall, without leaving behind a trace of the Fall; and third, they have permitted us the era in which goodness can embrace and absorb evil.

They have also endowed us with three gifts as a means to accelerate the fulfillment of these blessings.

The first is the Won-gu Peace Cup Cain -- Abel Cosmic Harmony Tournament. The Peace Cup symbolizes True Parents, and Cain and Abel symbolize the children. The reason True Parents have presented us with the gift of the Won-gu Peace Cup is that they hope for Cain and Abel to become one, just as the players and the spectators are united in mind and heart through sports and games. Therefore, we should make firm our resolve and determination to really unite Cain and Abel through the Won-gu Peace Cup and enroot it in our actual lives and in the culture of our society. On that foundation, the mind and body should be united in the individual, husband and wife should be united in the family, and parents and children should be united. Expanding this in the providential dimension, all members of the Unification Church should unite with one another; and further, they should become one with the True Family; ultimately they should be absolutely united with True Parents.

The second gift bestowed upon us is Father's autobiography. True Parents have conferred upon humanity the memoirs imbued with Father's ninety years of life. According to the reports flowing in from all parts of Korea, even ministers and elders of other churches have been deeply moved by True Father's book. More miraculously still, some have even given the blessing donation to participate in the 10.14 True Parents' Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. Could we have even have imagined such a miracle in the past? True Father's memoirs can rightly be called the greatest weapon through which to save humankind, as well as a fuse being lit to ignite witnessing.

The International President [Hyung Jin Moon] and his wife went witnessing to the general public in Seoul three times in September. He used the small pamphlet carrying the cover page of the Father's memoirs to witness about True Parents to the innumerable people going to and fro on that street, and to inform them about our Unification Church.

Truly, through this book of memoirs, the flames of witnessing will burn brighter than ever. In order for this to happen, we should harbor a passion for witnessing, just like the international president. We should do our best to promote the autobiography as a must-read book, a textbook for all Koreans, and the guidebook in ethics and morality for all the people of the world, so that they can inherit True Parents' true love.

The third gift is more precious and valuable than any other. It is the enlightenment and the inheritance of the spirit of true love given in a revelation to international president Moon Hyung-jin by Heaven, that is, the seven deaths and resurrections, the completion of the eight stages.

Since the passing of Young-jin nim in the U.S., for no less than a decade, the International President, Hyung-jin Moon has set conditions and on this foundation he has pondered the ultimate question of what true love is. He has offered more and deeper devotions than anyone else to fathom the innermost heart of True Parents, and finally Heaven has revealed to him the fact that to save the children, agonizing in the bottommost pit of hell, True Father has had had to endure six imprisonments and torture, and on July 19 last year True Parents were resurrected substantially from the verge of death in the helicopter crash; in short, they have passed through seven life-or-death crises. He observed that True Parents did not perish in the seven deaths, but instead opened wide the way to the completion of the eight stages for all humanity to go before God, from the individual to the family, tribe, race, nation, world and the cosmos. This was the greatest and most beautiful love of True Parents; that is, true love.

Beloved members, the conclusion of these three blessings and three gifts is the 10.14 True Parents Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. In regard to this ceremony, it is the first that True Parents are officiating at since their coronation as the king of kings and the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of their Holy Wedding. True Parents have said this is a special Blessing Ceremony in which the family of True Parents, the blessed families, and the families of the saints will set the condition of receiving the blessing, representing all 80 million Koreans and all 6 billion people of the world. They also emphasized that if such a condition were not established, every achievement of True Parents until now could not be completed substantially in heaven and on earth.

The 10.14 True Parents' Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

The meaning of this Blessing Ceremony can be summed up as follows:

First, it is a special blessing bestowed on humanity by True Parents as the enthroned King of Kings;

Second, it is a special Blessing Ceremony carried out in the cosmic dimension, going beyond the church dimension and the national dimension;

Third, it is a blessing of grace by which we are restored as families in the original state without even a trace of the Fall -- and with regard to this, True Parents have said that each of us should all participate in the Blessing Ceremony with the pure and chaste hearts of virgins;

Fourth, it is the Blessing Ceremony of the great harmony and unity by which Cain and Abel are made one, and for that reason it is a special Blessing Ceremony wherein the couples receiving the blessing for the first time and the couples who have already been blessed are brought together in blessing;

Fifth, it is a Blessing Ceremony in which the condition that three generations (parents, children and grandchildren) and the relatives to the sixteenth degree are blessed together is established, on the foundation of all blessed families having been newly educated centering on the Original Divine Principle; and

Sixth, it is a special Blessing Ceremony that sets the condition of not only the 80 million Koreans but all 6 billion people of the world, and even those in the spirit world, having received the blessing together.

The special Holy Wine Ceremony

Before this amazing Blessing Ceremony is to take place, we have come together now to hold the Holy Wine Ceremony and to repent before God, True Parents and the providence, and resolve to make a new beginning. Ever since the blessing of the three couples in 1960, the Holy Wine Ceremony has signified a ceremony for the conversion of the lineage, in which the original sin is done away with through True Parents. Thus, by converting the love, life and lineage of Satan into the love, life and lineage of God, we could become the children on the side of Heaven.

However, this special wine ceremony has an additional meaning, which is that all our past sins are done away with and we are made into families without a trace of the Fall, with the hearts and bodies of virgins, so that we can begin anew Because it signifies completely erasing the shadows of the Fall and receiving the blessing in a position of purity, all blessed families need to receive the blessing. A new beginning is now at hand. Because it is a blessing that does not leave even a trace of the Fall, it includes the meaning of great forgiveness as well.

Therefore, through this ceremony, all blessed families from the first to the third generations should repent of all past sins and inherit the lineage of Heaven centered on absolute sexual ethics once again, become families without even a trace of the Fall, and resolve to become representatives of God and True Parents and practice true love. This ceremony should therefore mark a new beginning.

How should we respond?

Beloved members! What would God and True Parents, who are bestowing such an incredible and precious grace of blessing upon us, expect of us? As the text says, they hope for us to form new, true families of the original nature. Furthermore, they hope for a truly peaceful world in which all humanity can come together and become one on the bases of the new family, new nation and new cosmos. However, the people who should pass on the words of the blessing and experience the true love of True Parents and convey their hearts to others, have instead been caught up in the evil thoughts, habits, attitudes and lifestyles of the past and have contaminated the lineage of Heaven and become estranged from what is desired of us.

Therefore, we should participate in this Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing Ceremony with the resolve and determination to fulfill our portion of responsibility centering on absolute sexual ethics. This year's motto is "The Era of Proclaiming the Victory of Absolute Sexual Ethics, the Right of True Love, True Life, and True Lineage in the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth," isn't it? Since True Parents have emphasized that absolute sexual ethics and the right of the true lineage should be correctly established, we should take this opportunity to make a resolution to do so.

Secondly, we should resolve to inherit the true love exhibited in the seven deaths and resurrections and completion of the eight stages. We should be grateful to be given such an opportunity to cleanse ourselves, with tears of repentance, of our past bad way of living, begin anew, and be filled with joy and happiness.

Thirdly, we should make devoted effort, true love and our passion for the providence a part of our lives.

Fourthly, we should form true families and resolve to witness to our clans and establish Cheon Il Guk.

I therefore hope you will all participate in this event of grace with the resolve to cleanse yourselves of past sins and begin anew, and to practice the true love expressed through the seven deaths and resurrections and completion of the eight stages. If you agree with this and you resolve to do so, then please give a big round of applause in gratitude and glory to God and True Parents. Thank you. 

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