The Words of the Sapp Family

IRFF's Relief Effort in Haiti

Richard Sapp
January 28, 2010

This week, we picked up 30,000 pounds of donated food from the Mormon Church in Utah, which we are delivering to the Christian Disaster Response's warehouse in Auburndale, FL for transport to Haiti. In Auburndale the load will be transferred to two 20-foot containers which will be combined with a third container filled with donated medical equipment being trucked in from our network's regional warehouse in Harvey, LA. The three containers will be shipped out of the Miami port to Cap-Haitien, Haiti, by February 5th to arrive on February 9th. Based on funds coming in, we can continue to ship a container per week of donated supplies for several weeks. Women's Federation for Word Peace-USA (WFWP-USA), which has partnered with IRFF on service projects in Haiti for the last two years, has also joined our efforts in this effort.

Dr. Patterson of Christian Disaster Relief has arranged with Dr. Paul R. Willams, M.D. of International Health Care Network to bring a group of 10 doctors, nurses and engineers to Haiti on February 1st. They will fly into Puerta Plata, D.R. and be transported by bus across the boarder to Cap-Haitien. The personnel will stay one to two weeks and then be rotated out and replaced with other volunteers. The Vice-Mayor of the city, who is familiar with IRFF through the service projects that we have run there in recent years, is providing ground transportation and housing for the medical team during their stay. This is just the beginning, but with continuing support we can assist the people of Haiti in their recovery from this horrific disaster. 

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