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Volunteers Needed to Help People After California Fires

Richard Sapp
November 1, 2007
International Relief Friendship Foundation
United States

As the fires in Southern California come under control, the International Relief Friendship Foundation is seeking volunteers and donations to help clean up low-income areas as well as distribute food and household items.

Field assessment reveals that IRFF can best serve in San Diego County. The lower-income people in this area will need more follow-up care than many of the affected people in the Los Angeles area.

The Salvation Army and Red Cross are ending their emergency response phase. Clean up by non-governmental organizations is beginning, with rebuilding being the priority.

IRFF's registration with the Federal Emergency Management Agency allows donations to be directed to it, and some supplies are available through Christian Disaster Response.

Warehouse facilities have been secured by partnering with Feed the Children, which has a warehouse in Ontario, California, stocked with cleaning supplies. Material donations will be directed there.

IRFF is making arrangements for accommodating volunteers beginning in mid-November. Volunteers are needed as well as cash donations for expenses. For more information contact Richard Sapp or visit

IRFF was created for the purpose of providing humanitarian relief to people devastated by poverty, illness, natural disasters, and conflict. Its vision and work is expanding in the arena of sustainable development and personal empowerment through the concept of people helping people.

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