The Words of the Sanchez Family

The Spanish HDK Group Had A Successful 6th World Tour Speech Reading At The Church

Frank Sanchez
May 4, 2007
Columbus Ohio

It was on Saturday, April 7, that I woke up with a voice in my mind saying, "And what about the Spanish people". I shared the experience with my wife over breakfast and mentioned that I would like to try to hold a world tour reading in Spanish. She supported the idea. In the afternoon I called the Hispanic members in our community and explained the initiative; they all thought it was about time to do something with the Spanish people in Columbus.

On Sunday we explained the project to Rev. Schrattenecker, and the announcement was made during Sunday Service.

The day of the event, April14th, we were uncertain of how many people will come; however, to the grace of God we had 15 guests participating. Everybody was willing to help. Members arranged the lecture room and brought delicious food. We wanted to have different people reading the speech, not just members, so we asked for volunteers among the participants; two of them volunteered and did an excellent job. We noticed that this helped to keep the audience more in focus and attentive.

The program started with the "Ambassadors for Peace" DVD presentation, which served as an introduction of our movement to the participants. It was well received.

At the time of the Holy Wine ceremony, there was a simple explanation of its significance and value related to the change of blood lineage mentioned in the speech. Many of the participants nodded their heads, as a sign of agreement, while this explanation was given.

During lunch guest shared the desire to know more about some of the topics mentioned in the speech. Among these: the existence of the spirit world, the blessing and the change of blood lineage, absolute sexual morality and family values.

Two outcomes from this event: (1) we are envisioning to hold this type of event once a month; (2) holding a regular two-hour seminar once a week, as a way of following up.

Frank Sanchez

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