The Words of the Samura Family

Peace Tour Serra Leon

John D.S. Samura
December 2006

Newly appointed Ambassadors for Peace in Sierra Leone.

UPF Sierra Leone Chapter held a World Peace Tour event coinciding with the launch of the District level chapter at the prestigious Roman Catholic Parish Hall in Moyamba. People from all works of life came to attend and listen to reports on the UPF Activities worldwide and at the national level.

District UPF President Madam Martha Massallay and the rest of the Ambassadors for Peace in Moyamba District made great efforts to broadcast the ceremony through local radio. This local Radio has wide range of coverage and even neighboring countries people could hear it.

250 important community leaders attended the ceremony. District Chairman Mr. Woobay was absent but he was deputized by his second in command. The ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children Affairs was represented by Madam Martha Massallay who is also our district President for UPF. She read the International Presidentís Speech.

Testimony was given by Hon. Jonathan J. Dambo a Member of Parliament for the district and UPF. He received the World Peace Blessing. A eight minutes video was shown to the Audience on the UPF Activities worldwide. Fifteen new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed.

Testimonies Of Participants

Mr. Braima F.Vandi ,Principal of Fergusson Memorial Secondary School "I was surprised to be appointed as Ambassador for Peace. The entire program was unique and will serve a long way for eternal peace in the world. The uniqueness of this organization was the blessing ceremony I and my wife attended. Through this am reminded to work more for sustainable peace which should start from myself, my family, my neighbors ,my country and the world at large."

Mrs. Memuna Vandi, former secretary FAWE
"As Ambassador for Peace, I have decided to dedicate my whole life to maintain the peace blessing and carry the peace message to my family and my community, and beyond."

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