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God's Day 2007 in North Carolina

Welborn K. Rozie
January 1, 2007

Joyful blessed central families from across North Carolina came together in an inspiring gathering marked by uplifting ceremonies, message and fraternal sharing. It was True Godís Day 2007, the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk at the Christ Rescue Temple Farm in Winston Salem.

Joyous celebrants gathered in the elegant Revelation I building at midnight for songs, prayer, pledge and the reading of our True Fatherís Midnight Prayer. The program was emceed by Rev. Welborn Rozier. This opening of this holy day was accompanied by many warm greetings of "Happy True Godís Day" among all the participants.

The 7 AM service (also in Revelation I building) was led by the North Carolina state leader, Rev. Burgi Hutcherson and her husband Bruce Hutcherson. Each family came forward to offer their bow before our beloved True Parents and a beautifully decorated offering table. Then we recited the Family Pledge in Korean, followed by a representative prayer by our state leader. Then we read about the importance of lineage and Rev. Burgi spoke of the role of a blessed central family. A testimony of the past year was given by Mrs. Sharon Pace (representing the first generation) and Ms. Kirsten Jones (representing the second generation). We concluded with the cutting of the cake by representative leaders of the first and second generation. At the end of this happy ceremony many photos were taken in front of True Parents and the offering table. Then all the items were distributed from the offering table.

The families joined in close fellowship and enjoyment in sharing a wonderful breakfast in the Revelation II building. The breakfast was lovingly and deliciously prepared by Sharon Pace and volunteers from around the state. Many friends and acquaintances were able to gather together and share their reminiscences of 2006. What an amazing year, with our True Motherís tour and the transition from Korean to American leadership, culminating in the creation of District 6 led by our own North Carolinian, Rev. Michael Lamson. Also we were blessed by the world tours.

The Godís Day service at 11 AM was held in the Proverb Center. Mr. Huneycutt provided the musical background as the congregation joined in enthusiastic songs. Rev. Burgi Hutcherson guided the program with great warmth and feeling. Rev. Welborn Rozier gave a message, declaring that in the year ahead the choice is not between goats or sheep but hopefully to become shepherds and owners of the Cheon Il Guk of 2007. Gifts were given in appreciation for many dedicated leaders all around the state.

Then we had reports by Elise Tape from the Charlotte Family church, Sun Niles from the Triad Family church, Caroline Uyama, representative of WFWP, and our state leader, Rev. Burgi Hutcherson. The service ended with three enthusiastic cheers of ok mansei.

Afterwards amid wishes and prayers for each other to have a wonderful 2007, all gathered outside for a group portrait to commemorate this wonderful holy event. We shared a wonderful potluck lunch together and then a young 2nd Generation sister, Cory Fladung, organized the entertainment for the afternoon. The youth were truly leading that part of the program. We enjoyed songs, instrumental selections, dances and funny jokes. Also cake and ice-cream was served.

It was so beautiful to see as families left for home, each carried with them wonderful memories of the 40th True Godís Day and of meeting together with their beloved brothers and sisters from around the state.

We want to thank all the participants and volunteers to make Godís Day a great event. Special appreciation goes to Yuka Chisholm, who organized the set up of the offering table, Mrs. Cho for making the great banner, Amy Tremper and the Tape Family for the set up of the Proverb Center, and Sharon Pace for providing us with food from morning to night. Thank you also to all the other unsung heroes.

Reported by Rev. and Mrs. Welborn K. Rozier

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