The Words of the Rozier Family

The 5th Annual North Carolina ACLC Banquet

Welborn Kent Rozier
December 18, 2006
Winston-Salem, NC

Dr. Jenkins, Pastor Fermin with his wife Margret.

The buzz of friendly voices, a Christmas tree decorated with white doves and other white ornaments, a friendly yet orchestrated registration table and the music of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (CD) was the greeting received by about 100 attendees of the 5th Annual North Carolina ACLC Banquet on Monday, December 18, 2006 at the Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center in Winston-Salem. Many had already arrived before the program began at 6:30pm. Our emcee, Rev. Fermin Bocanegra of the Iglesia Wesleyana Cristiana Church of Kernersville, had just returned from the fourth world tour; he brought grace, humor, and high spirit to the program.

Bishop Willie Davis Jr. of the CRT Apostolic Church welcomed everyone as the North Carolina ACLC Co-Chairman. The District 6 ACLC Co-Chairman Rev. Michael Lamson offered his warm greetings to all there, and Minister Willie Muhammad from the Nation of Islam in Greensboro offered the invocation prayer.

A wonderful holiday buffet was served to all participants by the Hawthorne Inn, who had done a magnificent job in setting up and decorating the banquet room. During the dinner there was wonderful entertainment provided by the CRT youth. They brought people to their feet in praise and appreciation.

The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident almost to the touch. This presence had been ushered in and moved among the people, enveloping the room and touching even the staff serving us. And yet there was a sense of reverence like the promptings to "remove your shoes, youíre standing on holy ground".

As dinner was winding down all were inspired and entertained by Rev. Fermin Bocanegra and his wife Margaret, with the assistance of Rev. Burgi Hutcherson, as they testified about their experiences on the Fourth World Tour. After that, Reverend Bocanegra and his wife offered a toast to all families and a reading of the rededication blessing vows. Reverend Cathryn Teer of the Family Institute, Inc., who was also a veteran of the Fourth World Tour, gave the participants a taste of the Fifth World Tour message.

The keynote address was presented by Dr. Michael Jenkins, president of the USA chapter of the FFWPU and national Co-Convener of ACLC. Dr. Jenkins spoke with enthusiasm as he delivered, "Itís All About Love-Based on Truth". His message brought amenís from the audience. He pointed out (1) love must be backed up by action, (2) the importance of integrity in marriage, (3) we should stop complaining about members and lost sheep and be responsible. Rev. Jenkins praised us for our organization accomplishments; challenged us to view situations through new eyes, thus stretching our faith; and lastly, urged us to embrace the do-ability of ACLC goals and purposes. His address inspired all and was followed by hearty applause.

Next was an Ambassador for Peace presentation led by Rev. John & Mrs. Sharon Pace with their daughter Kieva to two new Ambassadors for Peace.

Dr. Jenkins, Rev. Lamson and Rev. Hutcherson offered special chocolate-filled gift baskets recognizing the Fourth World Tour participants and the active leaders in the ACLC North Carolina committee.

All joined together in a closing song of "Let There Be Peace on Earth". Rev. Ardeal Roseboro of Liberty Grove Baptist Church in Taylorsville gave the closing prayer.

The event brought together old friends and new faces and created a warm feeling and great expectation for the year ahead in ACLC. Special thanks go to Mrs. Tracy Jessup and to Mrs. Sun Niles and her crew in organizing the ushering and registration and providing a wonderful welcome to all the guests. Also, we must recognize Rev. Michael H. Jenkins and Rev. Mike Lamson for coming all the way to North Carolina from Washington, DC and Columbus, Ohio, respectively, to support our event. Recognition must be made to the untiring efforts of Rev. Burgi Hutcherson; without her champion efforts, this wonderful banquet could not have occurred.

Pastor Fermin Bocanegra: Thank you for the wonderful evening, last night. It was a whole new spiritual experience! Obviously, the Holy Spirit was in control from the very beginning. Dr. Michael Jenkins' message about the power of love was very powerful; and the voices and the sounds of those young people still hum in my ears. Most of all, I will always remember the wonderful fellowship and the sense of family that we felt. Thank you for allowing me to be the MC.

Report by

Rev. Welborn Kent Rozier
Co-Convener NC ACLC

Rev. Cathryn Teer- Hodge
ACLC District Coordinator.

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