The Words of the Roth Family

Recently in America, Kim Il-Sung has become an idol to young Marxists

Michael Paul Roth
December 17, 1970
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi:

Greeting and best wishes to Father's Family in Korea.

Recently I was able to hear my brother Gary Jarmin spoke about his trip to our Fatherland. This was an inspiration for me to work harder for our True Parents.

Several weeks ago, the Freedom Leadership Foundation chapter in Los Angeles held a seminar to educate our Family and guests about different topics related to communism, thereby increasing our ability to fight Satan's instrument more effectively. My speech was about "Kim Il-Sung" his life, significance, acts, and present goals. I gathered most of my material from Kim Seung Dae's article, "True Character of Kim Il-Sung" published in the September issue of The Way of the World.

At the present time, the Los Angeles Family is working on publishing a monthly newspaper called "The Jubilant Horn". Editor Gray Fleisher asked me if I would prepare an article about Kim Il-Sung. I would like to explain the purpose of this article. Recently in America, Kim Il-Sung has become an idol to young Marxists, revolutionaries and radical students. People are idolizing him without knowing the truth about him. Our desire is to counteract this trend by publishing a factual account of his life and his regime. We must make people aware of t' e reality of this enemy to humanity.

To deal effectively with radicals, it is necessary to present verifiable facts, for they try to dispute every statement. Therefore, could you send us some more data about his life?

before he rose to power (his early life)

how he rose to power

his regime and his government today

what kind of programs has he instituted;

what has he accomplished

his propaganda and brainwashing techniques

his goals

I thank you wholeheartedly on behalf of FLF and the

Los Angeles Family for any help you could give us in making this project successful.

In Our True Parents' Name,
Michael Paul Roth 

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