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Photo of the Ark

David S. Roberts
September 17, 2010

For those who could not be there, the box in the center of the photo is our modern Completed Testament "Ark " it hold the eight books Father has bequeathed to us. This is a national or Regional Ark, it is the first of it's kind in the USA, Serial Number 001!

Here are some of my notes as I best recall them if some one has something to add please do so nicely.

Bret Moss just returned from 120 days training in Chung Pyung (CPL) with Rev. Hyung Jin Nim, True Father called this condition to avoid war between North and South Korea, you will remember that the So. Korean Navy ship was sunk during this condition, Father said the condition of faithfulness from the members (and True Father of course) made a condition for God to intervene and stop the war. If you recall No. Korea said they would go to war if this was brought to the UN (which it was) but still there was no war.

During the 120 days training Bret learned and inherited True Father's personal exercise program. As you know Father said this is what saved him during the helicopter accident.

On Wed night Bret went over the exercises with us and showed us how to do them and what was explained to him in Korea, He also showed us a video of the training at CPL.

We will prepare a disc with all this info on it for everyone whop wants it, so that you too can inherit True Fathers exercises, Rev. Hyung Jin Nim's bows etc.

During the 120 days they started, I believe, (my memory was a little fuzzy on this point) at 4:00 (3:45) and finished the exercises, 210 bows, and Hoon Dok Hae at 6:00 AM.

He showed us how to do the bows Rev. Hyung Jin Nim style with the GandT action sign Four Position Foundation and Kam Sam Ni Da bow. Bret explained using this movement can be used to connect our selves to the True Love of God and to essentially sanctify our own body, and where we are geographically. I love this, I use this now in my morning prayer and meditation as well as I have tone to the highest point in Santee do 'Sanctify' that place.

Personally I love receiving Father's personal exercise program it makes me feel more like a son. Father is giving us everything.

Rev. Tengan explained that the present 40 day condition is voluntary, in LA they are starting at 5:00 AM and doing the exercises and 210 bows. Meditation and Hoon Dok Hae and finishing at 7 AM.

However, they made it clear do what you can! Do not injure yourself by trying to immediately attain that standard. Also the time is voluntary. If you cannot do 5 AM, do 6 AM or 7 AM, the key is making some condition of Sincere Devotion to inherit the True Love of God. I hope everyone can offer something.

God Bless you, again these are my notes from the best of my ability, as you can see from the photo many brothers and sisters were there and have a better/ different memory of what went on.

Praise God! 

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