The Words of the Rigney Family

God has been searching for True Parents

Jim Rigney
February 3, 2012

God had his ideal plan before creation. It was a blueprint that was perfect, and contained the structure and content about the smallest particles all the way up to the largest eternal cosmic realm. God's plan was a perfect system based upon true love and absolute value.

During the growth process of His plan, there was a time when the first human beings were in the position to learn about God's perfect plan as well as what they were to do in order to accomplish their 5% responsibility to become lords over creation.

We know that they fell away from God's plan, missing the mark, so to speak. Adam and Eve were to become the first True Parents and establish the first school of love. Their family, being the first and original school of absolute values and true love would have developed the Nursery School of absolute values and true Love, then was to proceed on to the kindergarten school of absolute values and of true love, and from there, move on to the fist grade of absolute values of true love, and would have continued on and up to the graduate level of absolute values of true love.

Rather than the ideal plan of God being developed, the ideal plan of Satan was developed. It has the same structure as does God's plan, except if is off-center, lopsided, and is doomed to fail. It does not have absolute values and the basic concept of living for the sake of others. It is a self-centered education system.

In God's ideal system, each of the levels would be dependent on the previous, and each level would be necessary to accomplish before the student could go on to the next higher level. The lower studies were about living for the sake of the higher, and so on, while the higher levels were to teach how to protect and take care of the lower levels. The goal was to return back to the Home town where God dwells.

Jerome Bruner, a famous educator, and who is still living, has discovered the spiral curricula system that would have been used in the process of learning and educating the children born into God's family-system of true love. Father has called it the spiraling system of God's true love.

In any case, once the true family, clan, society, and nation of True love and absolute values was multiplied all over the world, and they were taking care of everything, they would have also developed many systems and fields in society, all based on that spiral developmental system of true love.

Education systems would have developed that would have taught children from the young age what the purpose of life was, about the creator, and His attributes and motivation for the creation. As they progressed in this spiral curricula developmental educational program, God's Kingdom would have been developed the way God had planned it in the beginning.

But, they fell, embodied the love of Satan, the Life of Satan, and the Blood Lineage of Satan.

God, after all these years, has finally found the first set of Real True Parents who have established the real True Family, and has taught us by example how to establish the Kingdom of Heaven according to God's original blueprint for His ideal of creation.

Since there are so many people who are not yet in the knowledge of this advent of God's True Family system, there is the need to create actual concrete curricula that can be used in schools from the early ages on up to the graduate level, that can teach God's original plan. We are in need to be re-born into this school system of true love. We can be born again through the marriage ceremony of the True Parents and begin this development of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the SW.

I studied Mathematics in college, where there were many textbooks and teaching materials on the various levels of math. Some students study music, and they find music lessons, and materials concerning the various levels of education concerning music. Engineering, science, business, and all of the fields of study have textbooks and teaching materials to guide those interested in those fields to develop their knowledge as far as they want to go. It is the growing process that is the natural process that God created for us.

In order to construct a great building there are plans, and books about buildings, and architecture, plumbing, electricity, materials, etc. If we want to build a good building one needs a good blueprint, and good materials, and good builders, which all work together in an absolute value system of architecture. God was hoping that the original couple would have become the original true builders of the Kingdom of Heaven. God waited for thousands of years for the True Parents to be a reality.

To build the world of true love based upon the attributes of God and the absolute values system He created for us to follow, God needs teachers at all levels of society to help Him build it. The True Family is the beginning level for teaching True Love. True Parents are the center, the core, of True Love. In the schools, the true teacher, having learned true love in his family, is qualified to teach the students all of the true and absolute values of every field of study they are interested in. It is one gigantic spiraling system of True Love that God designed for us. It will take time.

There is need for textbooks and teaching materials as well as true parents and true teachers, to be the example of the absolute values system of God's true love. It is not automatic. It is a system of growth of three periods. It is based upon God's plan for His ideal of the creation. Satan is all around with his accusing cohorts who want to destroy this system, but it is too late.

In our age, we can develop curricular for each level of the KOH from the words that True Parents have bequeath to Humankind. These textbooks and teaching materials are the substantial word of God through the Substantial True Parents to substantial humankind.

This is substantial.


God Bless us all,

In True Parents Name and Teaching Materials. 

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