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The Ideal Family was established in God's Mind before he created

Jim Rigney
January 30, 2012

Because of Satan and the Fall of Man, the concept of the "Ideal Family" remained a concept in God's mind until recently, at the advent of the Messiah.

Now it is not only an original concept in God's mind, but we can find the directions to establish an Ideal Family on earth, in the life of True Father and Mother, and in the 8 great textbooks and teaching materials. Find a list of the teachings and textbooks on the site:

Ideal Families do not grow up overnight, nor does each member of a family become an ideal member if he/she does not follow the original concept of what an ideal member is supposed to be. God had to sacrifice his beloved children in order to accomplish his original plan.

The day will come when Satan will have no more influence on earth, and will return to his original position. Until that day, he continues to accuse truth, love, and the ideal family.

One cannot blame God for things that go wrong in a family, or with an individual. It is an individual's 5% responsibility to overcome Satan's temptations.

The fact remains, God has the original Ideal Family in his mind and heart, and an ideal family will prevail on earth and in the spirit world. True Parents have begun the substantial Ideal Family on earth.

One rotten person on a blog does not destroy the rest of the Blog's members. He is just a single rotten person trying to corrupt the others, but has failed. There is no faith or hope or love in a rotten person on a blog.

God has to begin somewhere, and he has begun with the True Parents family, despite Satan's influence through the fallen world. Satan prevented Jesus from having an Ideal Family and accused him and had him killed. One cannot blame Jesus for others disbelief and failing to fulfill their responsibility.

Ignorance of truth will lead men astray. One and all must be educated well in God's Plan for His Ideal of Creation before the entire world will be free of the rotten personality of Satan.

The core of the Universe is the spiraling system of God's True Love centered on the True Family. It originated in the heart of God and is generating out into the Cosmic Realm and will encompass all of humanity, as Satan spins out of service, and looses his self control.

In True Parents Name and Teaching Material.

Jim Rigney 

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