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Unification Church and Father Moon's teachings have the highest standard of all religions

Jim Rigney
January 15, 2012

Yes, Jesus taught us many things, but the spirit of truth teaches us a lot more, and in fact, Father teaches about how we can reach the Heart of God by embodying True Love. Father is the only one who teaches about True Love. Jesus did not mention it. Mohammed did not mention it. Moses did not mention it.

Father is the only one who teaches how to separate from Satan's lineage and become en-grafted into God's blood lineage. Jesus did mention it but no one followed his teaching. Mohammed did not mention it. Moses did not mention it. Father has held wedding ceremonies where millions of people have changed their blood lineage.

Father is the only one who has completed the teaching on God's Original Plan for the Ideal of Creation. Jesus did mention it but never got beyond a few pages in the Bible. Mohammed did not mention it. Moses did not mention it. The plan is found in the textbooks and teaching materials of 2,000 volumes of True Father.

No other religions have accomplished this. Unification Church has grown in leaps and bounds all over the world in just 50 years. No other religion has accomplished this. Different standards.

Father and the Unification Church have brought us out of the Old testament era and the New Testament Era, and have brought us into the Completed Testament Era. In 2013 we will enter the era of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. No other religion has done this. No one on earth has done this other than True Parents. Different standards.

Therefore, the religions in the world do NOT have the same standard, or even the same goal, and certainly the same result.

The Jews are waiting for the messiah, still. The Christians are waiting for the messiah to come on a cloud, and he was supposed to die on the cross 2000 years ago. Different standard.

Christians think because Jesus died on the cross they can still sin because just believing in Jesus, they are saved. Many have given up looking for the messiah because they feel he will change things, and they would feel guilty of all the fornication, drugs, etc.

Jim Spencer is just trying to help us forget what Father has accomplished by posting the same old stuff AND lying to us about the standard of the Unification Church being the same as all other churches. Lying is a Satanic trick. Reading satanic teachings take the place in our minds of God's teachings. It is better to ignore Jim Spencer and read the Eight Great textbooks and Teaching materials. The list can be found on the Bibliography page of the web site:

It is funny that Jim Spencer quotes Father, but does not believe in him, he slanders Father's family, and lies about the growth of the Unification Movement.

In True Parents Name and True Father's teaching materials

Jim Rigney 

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