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The Bible clearly states that Christ will return

Jim Rigney
January 11, 2012

Any true believer of the Bible can find that concept in the book that Christ will return in the East, with a different name, and be rejected by his generation, and will come when no one is watching. Jesus wondered if people would have faith on earth at his second coming.

Some Christians ignore these statements in the Bible. They want to believe what they want to believe. That is fine with me but when they find the truth of the Bible and God's parallels of History and His history of restoration, then those Christians have to go one way or the other.

Those who have read, have understood, and have faith in the Divine Principle will understand that Christ will return during this time period as a man, on the earth. Some people have read Divine Principle and offer words that they know it backwards and forwards, but they are still tittering on the truth. Back and forth they go, where they land no one knows. Not even God. It is the person's 5% responsibility that will determine where he or she ends up (or down).

Jesus said "you are of your father the devil." So there is a devil, if you believe Jesus. Some Christians do not believe in the devil, therefore, they do not believe what Jesus says. They do not have faith in Jesus words, or the Bible.

It is also interesting that some so called "Christians" accuse people, slander people, tell the people that there is no love in their heart, and right after, they say that we should be just like them, who turns the other cheek, and forgives everyone.

God said to Cain, "Sin is at your door, you must master it." Some Christians do not believe in sin. They do not believe in "Original Sin." Why did Jesus come then? If some Christians believe Jesus came, but do not believe what he said. We should ask them why did he come? To say things that you do not believe?

Jesus came to bring us out of the grips of Satan and to eliminate satanic people. Satanic people try to kill anyone who is trying to bring us out of the grips of Satan, because they do evil things, and do not to feel guilty with a good person around. Jesus came to establish God's True Family on the earth.

A false Christian raises up his tail and accuses other people who say there is sin, and there is evil, and that God and True Parents are good. Then he says we should be as good as he is. True Christians go forward to the Kingdom of Heaven, seeking the plan to build the kingdom of heaven, while the false Christians go backwards, repeating the same old stuff over and over. and even contradicting it.

God Bless us all.

In True Parents Name and teaching materials. 

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