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God's Original Plan did not include Religion

Jim Rigney
January 4, 2012

God's original plan did not include religion. I know that for truth.

Because of the Fall, God had to raise up righteous minded people to begin religions in this world. The term religion means coming back to God. Because of the vastness of the evil in this world, there were many religious in different cultures with different believes that were started by God. If we read and study one of the Eight Great Textbooks and Teaching Materials, World Scripture, we will see in it the common path that all of the major religions want to be on, and where they want to get to. One of God's headaches is to unite all religions. None of them seem to want to bring unity other than the Unification Church.

Let us educate ourselves about God's Truth.

There has to be a main religious group that God Ordained on earth to be the first religious group which is to find God's Original Plan of Unity of all People, and that turned out to be the Unification Movement.

It takes a plan to unite all people one Earth under one God. There are so many Christian religions, if we could create one happy family of Christians, at least they would be under Jesus as His Bride. Then there are so many Jewish organizations and divisions, we have to get them united together under one Family. There are so many other religions, that it is not easy.

After many years, there will be no need for any Unification Movement because all parents will be true men and women, and their children will be taught Truth by the true God's True Love in the home and in the schools. They will be taught respect for all cultures, languages, races, and colors. It will be one home church after the other. Neighbors will love neighbors, families will love families, tribes will love other tribes, and they will all love their society and nation, and all nations will love the world because we are all one world one family under the One God.

Jesus will go on vacation somewhere in South Africa, or in Ireland's green acres.

God Bless us all, and God Bless the faithful work of the true Unification Missionaries.

Best wishes,

Jim Rigney 

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