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The Mission of Christianity is to prepare for the Second Coming of Christ

Jim Rigney
January 4, 2012

God does not just sit there and dictate words. He works at things. God puts truth into action.

God's Action: The Jewish Bible and the Christian Bible show us the providence of restoration that God carried out to bring us the "Plan" He wants us to find. God cannot speak to us directly so he uses Sun Myung Moon to speak to us with new wine. IF you want proof of that, then, read Sun Myung Moon's Eight Great Textbooks and Teaching Materials. There-in is the plan to guide us to Build the kingdom of Heaven on Earth. IF one has not read the words, and the guidance there-in, one has not right to judge the words or the guidance. It takes time and patience, and study to educate oneself on truth. If we are to be God's Temple, then God wants his Temple to get working on building additions to our left and right, front and rear, top and bottom. God needs Unification Action from True Unificationists. He has given us the Unification Words to use as tools to put it into Unification action. That action is Give and Take Action of True Love based upon God's true love.

6000 Biblical years ago: Adam and Eve failed to build God's Kingdom. They had no faith in God's word. They did not ask God for His opinion on what Satan said.

2000 actual years ago: Jesus could have accomplished God's plan, because he know God's plan, but he was murdered by liars, faithless, accusers who did not have ears to hear, or eyes to see. He had faith in God's word, but was killed along with God's plan to build the world of love and peace.

1920: God sent the third Adam, the second Christ, and the Original True Parents who have brought us the Word, the Plan to build the kingdom of heaven on this earth. It is a recipe book for us to create the greatest banquet of God's Love and Promise. It has several chapters in the book, one for each course of this meal; the individual course to perfection, the brother and sister course to perfection, the course for the husband and wife, the course for the parents, and children, and family, and clan, and society and nation, and the world course for perfection. The first chapters are the most important, because once you eat the salad, and the second course, then it will give you the love and energy and the vitamins to complete the rest of the meal. The recipe book will contain wonderful diagrams, and instructions, and words of love that will guide us to fulfill God's promise to humankind.

6000 Biblical years ago: If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have followed the recipe that God had prepared for them, step by step, course by course. They would have learned it directly from God's mind because they would have been one with God's mind and His Heart. God would have dwelled with them right there. There would have been no religions fighting with one another to get in their way, no liars, haters, no Satan, no accusers around them, because they would have been the first True Man and True Woman. Their children would have been the first students in the school of True Love of the first family of True Love. It would have been clear sailing with their Father. Adam and Eve would have brought alive the springs of the earth.

2000 real years ago: If Jesus had not been killed, first he would have taught the recipe that God dictated to him. He would have followed the recipe that God had prepared for his children before He created. IF the people had believed in Jesus, then he would have taught them God's history of restoration which he uncovered in the Jewish Bible. Jesus knew the parallels of history because he was a master of the Jewish teachings. Jesus frazzled and dazzled the people with his knowledge, and he marched into hell with God's truth. He came to fulfill the prophesy in the Jewish texts. He was the messiah, the anointed one, the one in whom God was well pleased. John the Baptist would have followed Jesus and brought all of his group members together to be the workers together with Jesus, and listened to his teachings that he got directly from God, because Jesus was One with God's mind and heart. They would have gone to Rome and designed new curriculum for the schools based on the one vertical path to God. That would have taken a long time, but today, we would be living in the world of true peace and true love. We would not need religions or judges.

NOW: The promise of Jesus to return has been fulfilled in the True Parents. However. we have to read what the True Parents have taught us. We cannot just say we believe, and wait for the waving of a magic wand to create the world of love. It takes works along with faith to build it. The kingdom is at hand. That hand is your hand, and my hand. The eyes that see are your eyes and my eyes. We can build a a temple, a city, a nation with a proper plan. We need to see the plan first.

God's Blueprint: Where is the plan? It can be found and seen, bit by bit in the texts and teaching and lives of the True Parents. One has to look into that with ones own eyes, and seek it out. Jesus said, seek and you will find. Well, lets look at the teachings rather than judge that it is not there.

Satan's friends are still attempting to keep the world of love from being built. They are not a True Unificationists. They do not want to unify anything. If so, where is their plan to unify anything other than under Satan. If anyone wanted to unite all under Jesus, then they would attempt to unify all Christian Churches to begin with. Who else but Rev. Moon is doing that?

True Unificationists are true unifiers, true seekers, true lookers, true doers, true listeners, and true workers who have been gathered by God to build the world of truth and love, and peace. God gave us seeds to plant, trees to nurture, fruit to harvest. The seeds of His Kingdom are in the teachings of True Parents. Let us turn the seeds into true trees of life with which we can build the kingdom of peace with its lumber and its fruit.

True Unificationists do not eat BS. We eat and digest truth that comes out of the mouth of God via the True Parents.

It is the easy way to accuse, but the hardest way is to study and educate oneself in the words of truth.

God Bless us all.

In True Parents name and Teachings.

Jim Rigney 

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