The Words of the Rigney Family

Rev. Moons Textbooks and Teaching Materials contain God's Original Plan for His Ideal of Creation

Jim Rigney
January 1, 2012

If you would like to search for the Original Plan that Was in God's mind before He created, here is a list of "search phrases" and words what Father has given to us to enable us to find God's Original Plan.

Searching is easy. Open Google search. Put in "UNIFICATION", and then put in a "search phrase" from the search below.

This is God's Agenda. God has given us our 5% responsibility to find His Original Plan in True Father's textbooks and teaching materials. For four years I have been studying Father's words and have found these phrases in the list below that Father gave us to use in finding God's Plan.

Search Phrases of True Father to help us find God's Plan.

a central ideology of the Universe

a central organization

a centralized system

a formula form

a fundamental ideal

a new direction out of this battleground

a new ideology

a new ideology that can drive away any other kind of thought or ideology

a pattern for all people to follow to create the ideal family and world

a pattern of love

a spiritual revolution

a standard of value in terms of the whole

a system of values

absolute values that apply with consistency to individuals, families, societies, nations, the world and the cosmos

atomic bomb of love

Axis around which revolve parents and children


backbone of the individual, family and society

base to transform the self into a larger self

basic axis

central energy force

central ideal

central ideology, the formula course

central principle of love

central rail

central standard

central theme

centrally harmonized civilization

common ideal

connecting point for my original mind

core of parental love and true love

core of the universe

core of truth

cradle of eternal ideal

culture of harmony

culture of heart

culture of love

door of the mind


dynamo of true love

epoch-making proposal

eternal and unchanging axis

everyone is connected through absolute love, absolute life and an absolute lineage.

flow of heart (love)

fundamental neucleous of a peaceful world

give and take with true love

God centered ideology

God centered theocracy

God-centered ideolog

God-centered view of values


Godism, the absolutely God-centered ideology (79-07-08)

God's concept of leading the world

God's high way

God's ideal

God's original blueprint for the ideal of Creation

God's original creation ideal

God's palace of peace

God's pattern of life threads along one vertical line

God's True Love Ideology

God's truth and love

God's way of life

God's Word

golden mold

governing factor of the entire universe

Governing nucleus

harmoneous give and take

headwing thought

headwing value system

heavenly life

heavenly system

heirarchical systen

historical linkage

Home Church system

homeland of God

I will be a winner continuously. That must be the pattern of your lives as well.

ideal family concept

ideal form

ideology of True Parents becomes the true center of the SW and the PW

ideology of unselfishness

inevitable revalation

law of the universe

laws of give and take action




New ideology capable of unifying all the existing religions and ideologies of the world

New ideology capable of unifying all the existing religions and ideologies of the world

new mind movement

One Principled Standard

one tradition of love

one vertical line



order and discipline of love

original concept

original form of

original form of love

original form of the world

original ideal of god

original pattern

our everyday criteria

our way of life

pair system

path that transforms the individual into the greater world self

pattern of your lives

Pattern to create the Royal Family of God.

perfect plan in God's mind

philosophy coming from the mind of God

pillar of true love

principle of integration

principled rulled world

providencial path

purpose is the center

realm of love

realm of the unified ideal

roundly harmonized civilization


spiraling system of God's love

spirit of promoting love for others from the perspective of a God-centered view of values

spring culture

spring of heaven

standard of everlasting universal truth and love

standard of goodness

standard of value

standard of value

straight highway back to God.

structure of the hometown of God

structure of the peaceful kingdom

system of God's thought

the axis of truth and love

the axis of truth love and order

the backbone of the spirit and thought of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth

the built-in nature

the center of heart

The center of the spirit world

the central ideology of the universe

the core truth of the Universe

the cosmic spring

the dual characteristics of Sungsang and Hyungsang

the formula system

the formula way

the God-Centered spring civilization

the highest public purpose based upon a transcendent ideal

the ideal path to the kingdom of heaven

the ideology based on true love

the ideology of heart

the law system

the mystery of the universe

the only way

the only way

the only way of walking

The original concept and purpose

the original creativity based upon heart

the original system

the original view point and perspective

the original way: to think and act in order to

realize the purpose of creation, in other words, to realize the Kingdom of

Heaven. 31

the overall picture from God's point of view.

the path of sacrifice and love

the path toward peace and happiness

the pattern of love

The pattern of True Love

the principle of integration which can embrace everything in oneness while preserving the special features of all the religious doctrines and philosophies. I named this thought "Unification Thought" or "Godism."

the road to the ideal world

the root of the mind of men and women

the standard of the original nature of humanity

The system of thought that can unite the realm of love, mobilize the spiritual world

the theory of logos based on heart

the true path

the unification system

the Universal Prime Force (UPF) is the center of every pair system

the vertical line concept

The Vertical purpose

the way

The way of love stretches from eternity to eternity

the world of the unified ideal

the worldview of One Family under God

This particular pattern does not change from the East to the West

This spirit of loyalty and filial piety, together with integrity

Tradition of life

True Family ideology

true foundation for freedom

True Parents-centered ideology

true standard


unchanging pillar

UnificationThought (God's thought)

unified ideal

unified ideology

unified thought

Unified thought system

Unity of life

universal idea

Universal Prime Force

universal support system

vertical axis of absolute value:.

vertical center 

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