The Words of the Rigney Family

The History of God's Original Blueprint

Jim Rigney
January 17, 2011

Words of Sun Myung Moon,

1. at the time of Adam and Eve (6,000 years ago)

"In the Garden of Eden, God saw Satan come and subjugate His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, destroying the entire blueprint for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." Sun Myung Moon.
"Let Us Analyze Ourselves." (79-09-16)

"If you read the Bible carefully, you will see that the fall of man involves the loss of Adam's entire family. First, the position of parents was lost through the fall of Adam and Eve. Second, the position of children was lost as Cain murdered Abel. God's blueprint for an ideal family and world-perfection was lost."
Sun Myung Moon. "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age"

2. in Jesus Time (2,000 years ago)

"Two thousand years ago our Lord Jesus Christ brought the blueprint for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. However, he could not speak plainly about his plan even to his own disciples. Jesus spoke in figures and parables."
Sun Myung Moon, "The New Future of Christianity" (74-09-18)

3. TODAY, during my lifetime.

"Is there anyone in the World other than Reverend Moon who is teaching precise points about the original ideal of creation and the original concept of salvation centered upon original love? Even Jesus could not teach these points precisely. That is what the Divine Principle is all about. That is what you are receiving. What is Reverend Moon teaching? He is teaching the original concept of the love of God and the love of parents, the original concept of Adam and Eve's relationship, and the original concept of children and family. If you learn all the points of this original blueprint from God, then you have the Messiah, you have salvation. If you do not, then you will have to search for somebody else. What do you think? Have you found the Messiah? Sun Myung Moon,
"The Day of the Love of God" (84-05-20)

"Each member must clearly know God's original blueprint. ¦We are to bring the world back to its initial pattern by restoring what was lost. All things have been divided, so we must bind them all back together with love."
Sun Myung Moon, "Unification of the Cosmos and the Family Ideal" (87-03-01)

"I already have prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These words have been prepared based on my triumphs over more than six life-and-death situations during periods of unjust imprisonment I have experienced during my life. I have left behind eight different [sets of] volumes of books as the textbooks and teaching materials for humankind for all eternity. These include:

1,200 volumes, The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,

Divine Principle

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Pyeonghwa Shingyeong (The Peace Messages)

The Family Pledge

the booklet True Families: The Gateway to Heaven

my speech Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage and

a comparative anthology -- World Scriptures

"These textbooks are books that you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one human being: they are the textbooks that teach the heavenly way, which God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.
Sun Myung Moon, God's Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk that Attends God Who is Opening the Eternal and Unchanging Era of Heavenly Calendar February 19, 2010. 

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