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Seonghwa details for Teruko Reyes

Larry Krishnek
August 16, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our sister, Teruko Reyes, passed on to the spirit world at approximately 8 am PST on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

Her husband, Ricardo, and youngest daughter, Rosa, were at her side as she breathed her last breath.

Teruko was one of the 43 sisters who were trained by True Father in Kodiak, Alaska. The 6 Reyes children have all inherited the love of the sea. The three eldest, Rebecca, David and John, have all attended Ocean challenge. Rebekah and David have Captains licenses. All three were in Kodiak at the time of her passing. They chartered a plane from Kodiak to Anchorage and arrived back home in Seattle early this morning.

They Reyes children prepared this biography and testimony of their mother:

To everyone,

This is a small letter and biography of my mother, Teruko Reyes. She was a beautiful woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and a friend to all. My mother has been battling cancer for over 5 long years, even until the end, she never gave up the fight. She kept a smile and an amazing warmth for all to see no matter what she was going through. She is the beautiful mother of 6 children and the wife of an amazing father and husband; Ricardo, children are; Rebekah, David, John, Mari, Teresa, and Rosa.

My mother was born in Yokohama, Japan, on January 16th 1959. She passed away on August 13th at 8 A.M in Reno, Nevada. We had the best and the most amazing community, hospitals, family, friends, and clinics supporting us. She never gave up the fight, my Father and Little sister Rosa was by her side at the passing. My mother has gone through so much over the years and now we know she is no longer in pain, and she is in a beautiful place. All we ask for is to please pray for my mother and our family.

Thank you, Love The Reyes Family.

Seonghwa Details

Date Wednesday, August 21st 2013

Location Evergreen-Washilli Funeral home and cemetery 11111 Aurora Ave. No., Seattle, WA 98133 206-362-5200

Time 10 am

The Won Jeon ceremony will be conducted immediately after the Seonghwa at the same location.

Flowers can be sent to the Evergreen-Washilli address.

Donations to the Reyes family should be sent care of Ricardo Reyes. The mailing address is

Family Federation for World Peace
6601 NE Windermere Rd.
Seattle, WA 98115


Rev. Larry Krishnek 

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