The Words of the Reyes Family

About Teruko Reyes passing

Larry Krishnek
August 13, 2013

Brothers and Sisters,

Our sister, Teruko Reyes, passed on to the spirit world at approximately 8 am this morning. Her husband, Ricardo and youngest daughter, Rosa were at her side.

Teruko was in Reno Nevada undergoing treatment for cancer. I will send more details as I know them. Last year she was given 2 weeks to live but her determination and the loving support of her family has carried her to this day.

Teruko was one of the 43 sisters who were trained by True Father in Kodiak. Teruko has 6 children. The whole family has inherited the love of the sea. Her three eldest children, Rebecca, David and John, have all attended Ocean challenge. Rebecca and David have Captains licenses. All three were in Kodiak at the time of her passing. They chartered a plan to take them to Anchorage and are now on their way to Seattle.

It will be a couple of day before the Seonghwa plans are settled. It will most likely take place next Monday, August 19th.


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