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Distributing True Father's Autobiography

Agnes Rendel
November 8, 2010

Because of our strong foundation with ACLC Ministers, we were able to distribute most of True Father's autobiographies to our Contact Ministers, during our monthly prayer breakfasts and by personal visits. Also during our yearly Jericho Walk, with a little help, I distributed about 20 to attendees of the Walk, including one to the District School Superintendent, and to several policemen.

I also gave or sent a book to all of my husband's family in Indiana. I gave or sent one to each of our long time contacts or friends. I sent a book to the Mayor of Elk Grove Village, and few of his deputies.

Even though not from our own 430 books, our 13 year old daughter distributed a few autobiographies during her 21 day camp with the True Family Health Training Academy.

She gave them out while doing fundraising. She is very proud of giving the books, and we are very proud of her for doing it.

We put a note in each of the books we distributed or sent, with a little introduction about the book, and our contact information. Not many people have responded so far. As we visit our relatives, or meet our friends and contacts, we will ask them for their feedback. And if they have not read yet, we will encourage them to read.

Most people who received the book were grateful for it. No one rejected it. It is just our prayer that they will sincerely read it, and get to know more deeply True Father's life course.

We really wanted to fulfill the condition of giving the 430 books, to follow and obey True Father's directions. But we want to continue giving the book which is the best instrument to introduce Father's life.


By Agnes Rendel 

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