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Chicago ACLC Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast In June Manifests A Spirit Of Healing And Hope As “One Family Under God"

David Rendel
June 24, 2008

On Tuesday, June 24, the healing power of the Holy Spirit brought 120 pastors and guests to the monthly ACLC Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast at Zion Healing Temple Unity Church in the historic Pullman District on the south side of Chicago. It was a beautiful summer day and the participants were further blessed by the warm hospitality of the gracious host couple, Bishop and Mrs. James Hampton.

The program was truly unique and inspiring. It began with musical performances by the Cheon Il Guk Youth Choir composed of twenty second-generation youth from the Chicago Family Church community under the leadership of the Davidson family. Their offerings of “Heart to Heart” (original song) and “One Family Under God” brought great joy to the gathering. Three interfaith representatives prayed for the nation, state and city, and the ACLC statement of purpose was proudly recited by Rev. Q. Z. Garner of New Macedonia MBC.

Attention was then directed toward the upcoming Global Peace Festival through the presentation of the introduction video from the Global Peace Festival website. The reception towards the purpose and value of the festival was strong. Bishop Ernest Hamilton, founder of Greater Holy Temple Ministry with thirteen churches, shared an uplifting testimony about his experience at the National Prayer Summit in Washington, DC, on June 11 and his commitment to support the festival. He pledged to send a bus load of his members and encouraged the other pastors to do the same!

The main message was powerfully presented by Rev. W. L. Mobley, a highly respected senior pastor and dedicated ACLC member. It was preceded by a wonderful solo from Ms. Kim Butler and warm introduction by Pastor T. L. Barrett, Jr. (Life Center COGIC -- Founding Member of ACLC). Rev. Mobley spoke about living in the sphere of God’s protection and grace and his concern that today’s clergy often lose this perspective and thus lose God’s spirit and power. He used Psalm 91 as his scriptural reference and shared about his life growing up in Mississippi, serving in World War II, working in the Works Progress Administration program and moving to Chicago. He encouraged everyone to assess their position with God and affirmed the value of ACLC in challenging pastors to broaden their vision and commitment.

Rev. David Rendel shared remarks and thanked the large group of new participants as well as the regular attendees for their support of ACLC and its mission. He encouraged the pastors to realize their critical role as moral leaders in America and told them that God’s spirit of protection and grace can be manifested only through them -- not through the political and civic leaders! Pastor T. L. Barrett then offered an embracing benediction prayer.

The breakfast was a wonderful celebration and provided a good foundation as we begin our work in support of the Global Peace Festival. We are grateful to continually invest in ACLC activities and pray that the results will significantly benefit God’s providence in America and the world! 

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