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Cabanatuan UPF-BFWP Breakthroughs Provincial Government

Joy Remigio
May 12, 2008

Cabanatuan City- Last May 12, two separate half-day lectures scheduled for VIPs under the sponsorship of Barangay Federation for World Peace - Nueva Ecija, or BFWP-NE Board of Directors were held in Cabanatuan City with the theme, "Building a Culture of Peace". The morning session was attended by 40 gov't officials and in the afternoon, there were 25 ABC officers together with the BFWP BOD.

In the morning, an introductory lecture on UPF's Principle and explanations on GFP's vision and mission statements with its build-up activities for GPF 2008 was shared. It was attended by 40 officials and representatives of different offices in Nueva Ecija. It was note taking that among the 12 Sangguniang Bayan representatives, 11 were present and just except for Rommel Padilla (the actor) who had a previous engagement before the said seminar was set. With them also were officers, news writers and field reporters from the popular provincial radio station DWNE who joined the activity and some members of the Pastors' group also came to participate while majority were heads of the different departments in the Nueva Ecija Provincial Capitol Office

The seminar was organized by our BFWP-NE officers and Board of Directors with the strong support of the Vice Governor of Hon Edward Joson III who got inspired with all UM projects and activities ever since. (He started supporting through the successive SFP projects in the city since 2002). He, together with Governor Umali were supposed to be around but an urgent meeting at the Malacanang was scheduled on the same date. In their behalf, Hon Racquel Agapito, NE-SB presided the meeting.

Hon Joey Lina, president of BFWP Philippines couldn’t come and he asked FFWPU Phil Pres. Jimmy and his wife Shirley Vergara to represent him and read his message on his behalf.

The lecture was given by a very charismatic lecturer Dr. Edgar Tanate, Vice President for Education of FFWPU Philippines, an affiliate of UM Philippines.

Before the lecture at the Session Hall, a video showing about GPF was shown followed by a question and answer. Surprisingly, even without hearing yet the lectures, a motion was made and was closed immediately stating that the Office of the Provincial Governor will give their full support to all the projects, activities of the UPF-BFWP in the entire province of Nueva Ecija. Also they have entrusted unto the UPF group the programs of educating families. FFWPU Philippines Pres. Vergara commented that it is another best practice in the present providence in the Philippines.

On another news, Cabanatuan Center is now conducting a 3-day Summer Camp for Blessed Children age 5-10 who cant afford to go Tanay. Registration is P350 w/c includes printed T-shirt, food and accommodations. The activity begins today and will end on Saturday 5PM. If the reg. fee is still unaffordable, you can just give any amount of donation, bring your own white t-shirt and P50 for the printing. 

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