The Words of the Remigio Family

BFWP Seminar and Launching in Nueva Ecija

Eric and Joy F. Remigio
February 25, 2008

First of all, thank you for your support and inspiration that helped us in accomplishing our humble offering to God and True Parents.

Last Saturday, February 16, 2008 in Plaza Leticia function room, there were 91 barangay captains attended the seminar. Amazingly, most of those punong barangays who came were from far municipalities. 2 cities and 14 municipalities were represented in attendance. The program were graced by Nueva Ecija political leaders, Mayor Alvin Vergara but represented by his Executive Asst. Mr. Edward Jongo for the welcome remarks, Vice Gov. Edwards Thomas F Joson represented by Provincial Board Member Raqueliza Agapito for the inspirational message, Atty Ruperto T. Sampoleo, an Ambassador for Peace, introduced our main speaker.

The seminar was entertained by Cabanatuan staff with TIMD ballet and the singing of GPF theme song "Where Peace Begins." GPF 2007 was shown to give a background on the upcoming GPF 2008 on December. The main speaker was introduced by Atty. Ruperto Sampoleo, an Ambassador for Peace and a dedicated adviser and supporter of UM Nueva Ecija. The lecture on Five Principles of Peace was presented by our Prof. Celestino Jose V. Navalta, Jr.-Sec Gen of UPF Phils. VIPs chose to stay and listen first to the lecture and as I usher them going out, they were commenting that the vision and mission of the organization was so impressive and this is what we need to educate people and even Board Member Agapito extended her help whatever they can do to help BFWP.

After the lecture followed by refreshments, municipal/city chapter officers and provincial officers of BFWP was elected and inducted by Atty. Sampoleo (local chapters) and Prof Navalta inducted the provincial officers and conferment of Ambassadors for Peace was received by all ABC Presidents and top political leaders of Nueva Ecija who participated in the said event. The seminar and launching was concluded with a toast for family and peace (holy wine ceremony) led by Mrs. Juliet Limjap and Pres. Francisco Tolentino. A commemorative photo per chapter officers and distribution of certificates took place and and post evaluation was done led by our elder brother Kuya Joseph Navalta

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