The Words of the Razak Family

RYS Australia 2008

Fazida Razak
February 8, 2008

On 8th February 2008, Fazida Razak, a member of the RYS Global Management Team (GMT) was invited to give a talk to 900 students between the age of 12 to 17 at St John 23rd, Western Australia, about her work at Religious Youth Service and Inter-religious Peace Sports Festival. About 100 teachers were also present for the talk.

In her half hour talk, Fazida acknowledged that more and more schools in Australia are inviting her to give talks about her work simply because schools want to take a more proactive approach in peace building and want to look for newer methodology that might appeal to their students. Students are also ready to contribute to this initiative and go beyond 'raising funds'.

In sharing her experience with RYS and IPSF, Fazida said that her work is sometime deemed important only in conflict areas. She said that peace work is also urgent in time of peace in countries such as Australia because peace cannot be taken for granted. She said that maintaining peace is a shared responsibility. With more than 200 nationalities, cultures and races, Australia's diversity is a blessing and a challenge.

At the end of her talk, the school Director, Mr. Mark Antulov arranged for her to meet a small group of student captains, teachers and administrators to explore possibilities of what their school can do for 2008.They are now considering preparing a world religion exhibition at the Sports For Peace Carnival co-organized by IPSF in March 2008 in Perth and also an interfaith program that uses arts to promote understanding.

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